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  1. This is exactly what I just did, especially with news of Godwin in concussion protocol. Dropped Shenault (after picking him up on waivers) for Miller.
  2. As an update to this (for anybody who cares), I was down 148 - 135 before the Sunday night game with only Steelers D to go. CMac and fresh pick up (10 team league) Miles Sanders shouldered the load during the day (35+ pts each) while Robert Woods and Hunter Henry dropped eggs. Steelers D got me 10. Lost by 3 points against the Lamar Jackson outburst (opponent also had Winston on his bench lol). I would've won if I had put Christian Kirk or Darius Slayton (or picked up Brashad freakin Perriman) for Robert Woods.... or any TE that had any sort of a game. Now fighting for 3rd place but dreams of big money are out the window.
  3. I have not logged into this website for over a year but came to say that I am down in the playoffs (after having a bye last week) by 80 points, 84 - 4, after last night's game. Tucker vs Jackson/Bell/Crowder.
  4. I haven't logged on in years but all I need is mason ******** CROSBY to get 2 or more points tonight. So he can't go ******** shanksville like last week. Hopefully it works out, otherwise catch me over in Vent/Rant.
  5. Less shootout potential with tolzien at the helm. Despite Indy's improvement in the run game, I think this will end up as another Bell game. If luck was starting i think he'd be a solid wr3
  6. Ben didn't throw it 36 times and go for 167 yards b/c it was the browns. Despite claims it wasn't because of the wind, he was a little off on some of his passes. Maybe due to the wind. I can understand dropping him, but I don't really agree with it. WR2 in this offense is historically quite serviceable.
  7. You can look at what somebody said in regards to punts and field goals, or you can see that Ben only threw for 167 yards, which is an abberation, and he was still the 3rd most involved player.
  8. Ben threw for like less than 150 yards total or something? Easy hold, IMO. I'm tempted to fire him up in a shootout in Indy's dome. Ladarius hasn't shown much, and Coates/heyward/Wheaton are all non-factors. Besides Brown and Bell, Ben has to throw the ball to someone, and the only person besides Eli Rogers (who still got some targets yesterday) was Hamilton, who had a drop or two IIRC.
  9. Originally had picked him up with Plans to start over mariota/bortles but switched to Jameis.