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  1. He was traded to the Jays... not Rays
  2. The return for Nick Castellanos is pitchers Paul Richan and Alex Lange
  3. I wonder if they'll try to turn Sanchez into a multi-inning relief weapon rather than start him... they can afford to use him 2-3 innings at a a time. I think he'd be great in that role.
  4. Apparently Jays got Derek Fisher for Sanchez/Biagini
  5. Castellanos in the dugout hugging... not in uniform
  6. Nick Castellanos was just scratched... THERE'S HOPE!!!
  7. While I don't disagree with your premise, the GM is Jerry DiPoto, and he would trade the pair of shoes he was wearing for a newspaper just to get his fix.
  8. Maybe the guy they just traded for who was closing? Or the next guy the trade for, if he is better than Martin.