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  1. How long does it take for a league to add a player to the player pool? His b2b with Curry and Bowman out would be huge for me bc of my limited waivers and we end round 1 of POs this Sunday. ESPN doesn't even have him existing to this point. Doubt he'll be available before games today, sigh.
  2. ESPN still has him as DTD. It's so annoying.
  3. I found a help line you can text. 888-549-3776 Text often bc they don't respond unless you do. They only responded to me after about 3 texts.
  4. ESPN is the absolute worst format for FBB. I'm so done with them, they're so slow to update position eligibility and injury statuses. OPJ is still only DTD after missing a game and already being announced out for the next game. I found a phone number that they actually responded to and told me to be patient. Maybe if enough of us text the thread they'll get a clue. 888-549-3776, maybe I can post that somewhere else too.
  5. This is what I was thinking, but everyone seems to be on the Jabari/Len train. I Like Bembry here for some reason, Will Cam and Huerter get more run than Bembry?
  6. He should not be on any waivers yet, even 10-man leagues. Mayyyyybe 8-man leagues, but patience is the key to starts like this. Once Boylen, Walton and Fizdale are fired we can have a better perspective of how the rotations should be on those teams and usage.
  7. All of this. He's too good of a player to drop off this much. Same thing is happening with Jrue right now. The regression will fall to the mean.
  8. Bought low as well, Let's have a great season guys! People panicking after a week is the ultimate buy low, Conley is a hooper.
  9. Not to be a negative nancy, But the fantasy footballers (#1 FFB podcast) is totally contrarian on this notion. Stream of the Week Cincinnati Bengals vs SF The Bengals had four sacks and only gave up 21 points to Russell Wilson and the Seahawks in Week 1. The 49ers offense looked mediocre at best and will be without Tevin Coleman. Cincinnati is at home this time around and should find the going much easier against a team that gave up a top-10 performance to the Buccaneers last week. The Bengals are owned in fewer than 1% of leagues. (Yes, that says 1%)
  10. Man I totally agree. I've picked a "sexy" TNF defense before bc everyone was screaming about it only to be burned. That said, I'm sticking with Carolina bc both teams are 0-1, and I think Carolina is a better team overall and will get their first win this week. I also rostered Philly's D/ST in every league last week bc of the matchup. Even had a shot at Baltimore's D/ST but stuck with Philly and got burned. So, ya know, my advice helps no one 😂
  11. Waller will be in tier 2 by season's end 😎
  12. Williams pitch count was 45 snaps to McCoy's 20 snaps. He also was the passing down back for Mahommes and Reid. He also had a great second TD run that was called back for holding that would've made this thread explode, but people only look at the final stats. I'm rolling him out with complete confidence this week based of last week's story that was told by the coaching staff. If things change after this weekend then so be it. I'm a happy Williams owner based of recent events, go back to his Miami days if you like, I'll stick with what how the Chiefs View/use him currently.
  13. Any advice on waivering a Defense this week. The Eagles almost made me lose last week, I'm thinking of picking up the Ravens D/ST against Arizona, but I know Murray can put some numbers in that system. Any other thoughts? Most good D/STs are rostered in my league already.
  14. My fav part about this thread are the guys who think his value is worse than what the pros say, and then proceed to try and convince you of such. Ok, you really convinced me that you know more than the people that get paid to know more. I'll stick with what the pros predict his value will be. Thanks for chiming in though.