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  1. I think the joke here that you might be missing is that he threw it to CMC 1-million times last year. So yes, yes he does target the RB.
  2. Yes and no. His O-line isn't getting any better so I'd anticipate much of the same offense until that issue is fixed. Meaning Mixon will continue to be a terrible 1st or 2nd pick lol
  3. Yea: all this Mike Davis/McKinnon discussion and I'm curious about the guy who had over 20 carries above Eckeler this week 😨
  4. Honestly, gotta roll him out no matter what right? I'm like most as he was my 1st round pick (back of the draft).
  5. Anything more to see than just a tough matchup against a good Chargers frontline? I noticed he wasn't in during the 2-min drill. This dude was a 1st round pick for many😣
  6. pick # 2.06 in our league (CSB). Got him paired with Joe Joe, let's go!!
  7. This thread will blow up after Sunday 🤣
  8. You can honestly get him in round 9 or later in most leagues. But yea, I'm super excited to see how he plays out.
  9. Def trending fade week 1 right? From where he was drafted in most leagues you probably have better options for your flex. Maybe DJax or someone like that.
  10. Anyone considering flexing this guy? Talks are he's the number 1 option in NY now and Tate missed practice with a soft tissue injury. I heard Slayton is a tad banged up too. Any thoughts, tough matchup against Pittsburgh.
  11. Draft coming up and I haven't been following his injury. Is it serious enough to push him out of the RB1 tier? Most "experts" still love him, but is he worth a 1st round pick? I know how well he finished last season when he was healthy, and the O-line in Philly is a tad banged up so that gives me some pause. Any manager still high on him as a 1st round pick?
  12. Ugh, this reeks of what happened to Damien Williams last year with the late Shady signing by the Chiefs.
  13. Jacobs’ poor receiving usage as a rookie (7.5 routes per game, three drops on 27 targets) is commonly being mistaken as something to improve on as opposed to his best-case scenario. The Raiders have virtually shouted as much, re-signing third-down RB Jalen Richard before bringing on former Broncos receiving back Devontae Booker, chess-piece rookie Lynn Bowden, and Theo Riddick, the latter being one of the decade’s most impactful satellite runners. No matter what coachspeak leaks from Las Vegas’ camp, it’s clear the Raiders have no intention of using Jacobs as a three-down bell-cow. And in eliminating that option, the 22-year-old’s ceiling is limited behind those in his tier who will inevitably catch passes (Austin Ekeler, Aaron Jones, etc.). — John Daigle This makes me pause with my pick coming up on Thursday ugh...Lots of good points made here.
  14. How long does it take for a league to add a player to the player pool? His b2b with Curry and Bowman out would be huge for me bc of my limited waivers and we end round 1 of POs this Sunday. ESPN doesn't even have him existing to this point. Doubt he'll be available before games today, sigh.