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  1. Strop right there, chief. Trying to get in the mindset of AB is a dangerous game. AB is in the mindset of AB, and it just cost him 30 million. Imagine what it could cost someone who hasn't had his 31 years of experience dealing with it.
  2. It looks like when he said he would be perfectly content never playing again we should have taken him more seriously.
  3. You cannot get coffee at Starbucks for $1.50.
  4. Joe Jimenez gives up more runs that I would like him too. I wish he would cut his K rate down so I could stop caring.
  5. I don't watch much of the Reds, but I'm not a David Bell fan.
  6. Hot streaks: automatic start Cold streaks: start vs. lefties Acuna thrives hitting leadoff and Dansby is holding down the 2 hole. Freddie isn't moving from 3. Donaldson/Riley/Markakis aren't moving from 4-6 in w/e order; so even a hot streak probably won't see him move up in the order unless Dansby goes ice cold.
  7. By can't drop/can't trade I meant, if you drop him, someone will likely scoop him immediately, but they aren't willing to trade for him. Certainly if you choose to drop him you are able to do so. He is a tough drop imo given his MiLB performance and opportunity in Coors. He is just now finally getting everyday ABs, and if you aren't dealing with a short bench then he should be worth a wait and see. Even if it means skipping a streamer or two. Hitting .280 and batting leadoff you have to assume the steals will begin to materialize. There aren't many people on WWs matching his current value who also hold his potential upside.
  8. He has found that perfect niche where you cant start him, trade him, or drop him. He stubbornly takes a roster spot as you plug him in on a slow day hoping for a 1 for 4 with a run. Sad.
  9. The Braves pen is a disaster. They've blown 9 of their 22 save opps last I checked. The biggest problem most of their relievers have is getting the ball to travel through the strike zone. Luke Jackson has really been the lone bright spot, and that is largely due to just exceeding his bad to mediocre expectations while everyone aroumd him self immolates. Signing Kimbrel and having Skywalker in the 7 or 8 would be an improvement obviously.
  10. Well...certainly in theory... Batting 8th isn't ideal for it, though. Either the pitcher will attempt to sacrifice him over, or if there are 2 outs you don't risk a CS and having the pitcher lead off the next inning.
  11. Lucas Sims should not still be in the game. wtf are the Reds thinking?
  12. Yes, that is obviously the case. Extrapolate from that, however, and if you're holding solely in hope of a savior to your bag count you should move on. There are worse bench options out there to plug and play for runs/walks, though. I mean...he's not totally worthless.
  13. Looking at his minor league stats I don't know why people expected him to light the base paths on fire. If you only take his first 30 games in AAA this season, and completely ignore all his stats previously, then I suppose disappointment was bound to ensue. I see a guy who'll get you runs, walks, and 10 to 15 steals over a full season. And for the person asking if he hits the ball in the air the answer is not really.