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  1. They could have CMC throw more too His TD throw was a thing of beauty. First NFL player to have 50 yards running, 50 yards passing, and 50 yards catching.
  2. Also could've been said against the Packers....and we all watched Edmunds get 2 TDs while Johnson was no where to be found. Needless to say, I'm sinking with DJ myself, so I'm hopeful he does in fact show up against the Falcons.
  3. We use ESPN...works like a charm...only thing they allow is 2-2-2 playoff format, but we accept that WC is only week 16 and we ignore week 17/combined for round 3. I highly suggest it...it's nice for regular season playing everyone once (1-11).
  4. In the first round of playoffs (2, 2, 1 (weeks 12 & 13 for round 1, weeks 14 & 15 for round 2, and week 16 for championship). We were basically tied after week 12. I had mahomes and hill on bye week and picked Mullens as my QB...big mistake and only put up 10 points for me (standard scoring). All of my opponent's players ended with the 3 o'clock games, so I knew where I stood going into SNF where I had Conner as my RB and Allen as my flex. I was down by 41 points. I was sure I was going to lose. Last night's game was a treat to watch...it was almost like the perfect game to watch in my scenario. Conner punching in his first TD at the 1 yard line, Antonio Brown getting tackled at the 1 yard line to setup Conner's 2nd TD. Keenan Allen's Touchdown that was incredible and later a 2 point conversion. I was down by 1.6 points when Conner got injured...The only way the chargers were going to throw was the Steelers score another TD...and sure enough, they did. Keenan wrapped up my win in the next series...I won 211.2 to 209.4 to move onto the final 4. I cannot recall ever being on the receiving end of such a win...I'm normally the guy that this happens to...I'm still riding on the excitement this game gave me...I'm going to go home tonight and rewatch the game and smile.
  5. I run a combined league (a little manual effort), but gives a true standing...H2H and then top 6 scorers a week get a win/bottom 6 get a loss...so, every week one could go 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2...it's worked out great the past 3-4 years now.
  6. I'd like to take the over on the 4-35-0 please...really?!? We're talking about Tyreek freakin' Hill here matched up against Oakland.
  7. I did something similar with this guy. I've got Mahomes, but had Stafford as my backup in 2 leagues...I didn't think twice about dropping Stafford for Mariota...he's been playing really well the past few weeks as has the Titans...they seem to be finding their identity and this is the best I've seen Mariota play.
  8. The hit that hurt Rodgers was a fair and legal hit even he said it. We all know it. Fellow Packers fan - That logic always makes ZERO logical sense. You like the Packers, Rodgers gets hurt, rule gets change, you must agree with the rule. Football is football is football regardless of what team/player you follow. It was a fair and legal hit, and we all have to live with this new football...the fans didn't change the rule. The NFL changed the rule. Last year was a huge year of Star players getting hurt and the viewership suffered due to it (amongst other things that I don't want to get into). The NFL is just trying to ensure players that the casual fan recognizes stay somewhat healthy and play the game. The rest of us want to watch football and everything that comes with it.
  9. McCarthy is in the must win category right now...he can't afford to get cute benching players that'll help the Packers win.
  10. Lol, Bellichek IS smart... Best to let Gronk heal for NFL playoffs, but he definitely has not looked as his usual self this season at all.
  11. It’s an injury thread...not a bumps and bruises thread.
  12. Perhaps we slow down a little bit on posting minor injuries and save this thread for bigger ones...every week there’s a big scare that turns to nothing.
  13. Had the play where Hooper had a false start occurred, the outcome would be a little different. Ito was out in the flat ready for a swing pass and he had a clear path to the end zone. 40-50 yard play plus TD. There is value there, but it he isn't a valid starter at this point. Not sure there is other options out on people's waivers, but he's a hold at this point if you have the spot for him. Not saying he's going to win you a championship, but the fact they're on their bye week and they know now that Freeman is on IR, they'll need to keep Coleman fresh as well. But yes, the thought of him dominating is ridiculous.
  14. I was right there with you in 2014 brother...same scenario with QBs...to this date, I have a rule. If a QB has ever put up a score of 0 or less, I do not want them!