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  1. Shouldn't we expect him to be sent to alternative camp for a week like most prospects? I believe that gives the team another year of control in doing so. I'm sure it's more complex, but I'm not willing to look it up haha.
  2. I'm sure most leagues are set up with their adjustments by now. If you're still scrambling ideas. Here is what we came up with for our dynasty league. 2020 Revisions:- IL roster spots will be eliminated.- Minor League roster spots will be eliminated for 2020 season.- Teams are allowed to carry a maximum of 25 payers on their bench (2019 allowed for 10 bench, 5 IL, 10 Minor League).- 2020 Position eligibility reduced by 50% (5 games, 1 start, 2 RP appearances).- Entry Fee reduced to $50 - Max innings limit will not be implemented.- Replacement player option will be implemented. - An amendment will be made for 2021 keepers. Each team will be permitted to keep 35 players regardless of position eligibility. We will go back to 25 & 10 minor league keepers heading into 2022.- Starting lineups for pitching has been changed from 10SP & 6RP to 8SP, 6RP, & 2P.REPLACEMENT PLAYERSOnce lineups lock at the start of the first game of a scoring period, a player that has not accumulated stats for that week may be replaced if a suitable replacement is on their bench.Owners are expected to submit a weekly ranking of their bench players in order of preference should a substitute be requested by the owner. Acceptable requests shall include justification for any replacement player being added to the starting lineups. Examples such as; IL stint, maternity leave, personal, injury news that changes playing time expectations. Pretty much any valid reason should be sufficient if the player in the starting lineup hasn't accrued any stats, and the player on the bench also hasn't accrued any stats.Bylaws:1. Bench rankings, regardless of position, will be used to determine the replacement player if one is necessitated.2. Owners should only place one request at a time via league message board for transparency.3. If a suitable replacement can't be found using the bench rankings to fill the void, owners will be permitted to add a player from the free agent pool and your team will move to the bottom of waiver claim priority.4. The transaction can only occur if the player being benched is almost certain to accumulate no statistics for the remainder of the current scoring period, and the free agent player being added has yet to accumulate stats at the time of request.5. If at any point during the week, a starting player is assured to accrue no statistics for the current scoring period, a replacement player from the bench rankings can be inserted even if they have already accumulated stats, provided the owner submitted a legitimate and timely ranking of bench players.
  3. We are discussing some changes to our 2020 dynasty league (no contracts). This roto league has been together for over 20 years. Changes were discussing now. - Instead of weekly lineups allow for daily lineups just this year - Eliminating the SP/RP designation and just allowing any pitcher to fill starting lineup requirements - Anyone who was eligible to be kept as a minor leaguer in 2020 is automatically eligible for that in 2021 regardless of use in the majors this season. - Eliminating our 10 roster spots for Minor League players and expanding our bench from 10 to 20 players. - Reducing games played from 10 to 5 for position eligibility. - We already have Sept 1st trade deadline, and will leave that alone. I'm uneasy about daily lineups from the pitching side of things. We don't use inning limits. It's a 6x6 league with 11 owners (odd I know) using OPS and Holds as the non-standard categories. We start 2 at every position, 6 OF, and usually 10 SP and 6 RP (but that may be adjusted for this year). We haven't decided anything yet, but discussion's are picking up now.
  4. My dynasty league allows for 10 minor league keepers, and if a player was in the minors on August 31st last season, and called up in September he can still be kept as a minor league player. Here's who I'm planning to keep. Hitters: Wander Franco, Jo Adell, Nick Madrigal, Taylor Trammell, Monte HarrisonPitchers: Spencer Howard, Kyle Wright, Tarik Skubal, Brusdar Graterol, James KarinchakCuts: Keibert Ruiz, Colton Welker, Braxton Garrett I won the league last year after a massive rebuild. I'm planning on keeping Wright, Graterol, Karinchak to possibly help this season rather than waiting on Ruiz, Welker, & Garrett. However, I hate giving up on Ruiz and Welker to keep pitchers that could struggle. Curious what the RW prospect world thinks of my strategy?
  5. Which is why I'm holding without much concern.
  6. Fair enough. As a dynasty owner, I'm thrilled with today's news. I see your point for upcoming redraft leagues.
  7. What do you have a better chance of stealing carries from? Chubb/Hunt or Miller? Even if you don't see him as between the tackles guy, which I agree he isn't, he has a chance to touch the ball significantly more for three more seasons in HOU, rather than...maybe he'll touch the ball for 8 weeks and then never again for 2.5 years.
  8. He's not in a crowded CLE backfield any more, and got his wishes of a trade. Nobody loves Lamar Miller as a RB, but yet several of you think this is a bad landing spot? SMH...Duke's value just went way up no matter how you look at it.
  9. Grabbed him as a band-aid to losing Gallo. Best band-aid ever applied so far. Another HR today.
  10. Called up to AAA and goes 2-4 HR 4rbi in his first game. Very interesting considering Will Smith is also there. Is he getting called up? Are they going to be trading one of these two prospects?
  11. 2-4 w/HR again tonight. It’s hard to find opinions on his true talent. Power certainly seems legit.
  12. The Mets surely have done crazier things, but I'm guessing Kay's 9.64 ERA in 4 AAA appearances isn't going to earn him the call just yet.
  13. Is there a legit MLB bat here or is he a 4th OF type? I assume he will debut relatively soon (September or early next year), but I’d love hear more from this community on him. Surprised there’s not an existing thread, which makes me pause to put in a claim on that fact alone haha.