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  1. What happened to this dude? I owned him last year and he was absolute trash until his late season breakout. I didn't touch him in any draft. Now he's a God.
  2. I might just go without a kicker this week instead of dropping this cat.
  3. I'm so sick of the NFL's cheap shot culture. Dude's want to be involved on the play so they nail a ball carrier who's already wrapped up and going down.
  4. I'm expecting a 200-yarder this week. Remember I said it.
  5. So happy I stashed Dougie. If Carlos has a big game anytime soon, I'm trying to move him for a WR.
  6. I would say he's hurt, but they put him back in late. Strange situation. Could've had Adams in his spot.
  7. Big Ben, Mark Ingram, Jordan Reed, Marvin Jones
  8. At this rate, I might have to start Jim Brown at RB next week.
  9. Horrific hit. A lot of these NFL guys are big, fast and STUPID. What was he thinking about?
  10. Yeah. I'm disappointed with Adams. Rodgers doesn't even look for him with Cobb and Jordy out there.
  11. Going into this week, I thought I'd have an easy decision starting Adams over Fitz. Then Fitz goes nuts and upends everything.
  12. Finally shut up the Cooks complainers. Remember, the game is 4 QUARTERS.
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