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  1. I’ll do that deal and take PG.
  2. He’s been dropped in a dynasty league, and i own the #1 waiver priority. He doesn’t fit my young team, but should i get him as a trade piece? What’s his current value with his trade to Atl?
  3. He's not injured, is he? Trying to acquire him.
  4. They should continue to give Bogdan 30+ min a game. They should've done this when they acquired him. This dude is their best scoring option, not Hield nor Bagley. Pure scorer. He's also a playmaker. Dude's legit.
  5. Was trying to acquire Ingles. He got picked up already. Thanks for the reply anyway.
  6. Agree with above. Load management on Kyrie. Trade for Butler.
  7. Tried to acquire him. Lost since someone else bid higher than my $6 and got him for $8. He could be very valuable later in the season.