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  1. Carmelo: 21 shots / 16 points Lillard: 28 shots / 47 points. 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
  2. As an MPJ owner In a large keeper format I hope you are right. Would love to have snagged KD in the middle rounds this year.
  3. Yes, that is called getting way ahead of yourself. If Porter did that he would be a top 5 pick.
  4. Fultz delivers another gem. Top 100 player the past 2 weeks. Happy for him. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that he is a 21 year old kid.
  5. Did he get injured in the last seconds of the game or just a cramp? Didn’t see the game, just the highlights.
  6. He’s a rookie. He is going to be a roller coaster. But the kid can ball. Come the end of the year you will be glad you have him.
  7. Still producing some decent numbers. Hoping he keeps improving.
  8. Probably right, but we haven't seen the Clippers with George and Kawhi in the lineup. Harrell's big advantage over Zubac is his offense, but they won't need scoring from that position as much when those two are active. The good thing is that Zubac has 12 team value even at 16 minutes a game. Any uptick in minutes could really zoom him up the rankings.
  9. Harrell is significantly better offensively than Zubac, but Zubac is significantly better on defense. There is probably a case to be made that Zubac is the better fit in a Beverly, Shamet, Kawhi, George lineup. I expect to see Ivica at the 20 minute mark regularly this year, but I wouldn't expect much more than that unless Harrell is hurt. Harrell is going to demand 25-30 regardless of what Ivica does, and they are never going to play Ivica and Harrell together for more than brief stretches (if at all). Best case scenario for Ivica is 20-25 minutes with Harrell receiving 23-28 minutes. 20 / 28 split is probably the best Ivica owners can hope for, but the good news is that Ivica is still a top 100 player this year thus far and the minute split is 16 Ivica / 30 Harrell.
  10. Added for emphasis: Rajon Rondo 18-19 season advanced stats: Off Rating: 104.7 Def Rating: 113.3 Net Rating: -8.6 True Shooting: 47.3
  11. Its clear that Fultz will never be (or at least won't be in the near future) the player that everyone thought he could be, but this isn't fair either. He provides a different kind of a threat/weakness from a traditional PG, but with the Magic's team construction, he actually fits quite well. Fournier, Isaac, Gordon, and Vucevic are all solid to above average shooters. The fact that teams sluff off Fultz just makes it easier at times for him to get deep into the paint. He is doing a pretty good job of not forcing the action, taking what the defense gives him, and providing good length and athleticism on defense. He is still a 'baby deer' out there at times on defensive, but his length is already giving opponents some problems, and he should continue to improve on his fundamentals. Some interesting offensive stats (comparing DJA and Fultz): Off Rating: - Fultz: 107.7 - DJA 98.4 Def Rating: - Fultz: 103.4 - DJA: 100.4 NET Rating: - Fultz: 4.2 - DJA: -2.0 True Shooting: - Fultz: 55.5 - DJA: 51.4 When you mention that his best hope is Rondo, you aren't really looking at his current game. You are assuming he is going to shoot a poor percentage from both the field and the line. That simply hasn't been the case this year. Sample size is 13 games, but you have to remember that he has only played 46 games TOTAL (33 before this year), so everything is a small sample size. The biggest key for Fultz is his ability to knock down free throws. He is proving that he can get into the lane, and if the defense knows that they can't foul you, then all of the sudden they have to play him more honestly. I don't think anyone is expecting Fultz to be an all-star anytime soon, but it would also be a mistake to dismiss a 21 year old former phenom, who is now starting, showing some improvement in key areas, and producing some interesting stats. The key is going to be his free throw. If he can hit close to 80% he will end up a top 100 - top 150 player in my opinion. He won't win the league for anyone, but he can be a solid flex/bench guard for a team. In deep leagues he should definitely be a player of interest.
  12. MRob is ranked 34th in standard 9 category leagues right now. Let that sink in. He is playing 19 minutes a game, and the coach is trying to kill whatever semblance of a rotation they have in NY and he is still giving top 40 value. He is a firm hold or buy low candidate. By the end of the year will be a top 20 value. Be patient.
  13. Really just posting to get the star and make it easier to follow this thread. Porter could be looking at a situation similar to Jokic/Nurkic. Good player(s) in front of him, and needs minutes to show out. It wasn't until Nurk was traded mid season that the Joker came of age. He is a tough cover at SG, which seems to be his position. Just too tall for traditional SG's and he is quick enough to get by larger forwards. Definitely a player to watch, and if you have room (I really don't have room, but I am stashing him anyway for now) he is a good dynasty/deep keeper stash. Upside is super high (floor is extremely low in the near future as he will probably have a ton of DNP's).
  14. He’s suited for the modern nba game. Going to be a solid contributor all season and there are going to be nights where he puts up some ungodly lines.