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  1. Anyone starting him tonight?
  2. I love Whit, and own him currently in a keeper, but really considering throwing him back this year for a younger, less proven player. Primarily, I think that much of Whit's value is tied to his steals, and in a shortened season, I can't see a 30+ year old running quite as often. Matheny is also notorious for holding guys on the base paths. Whit is a very good player, but he may be a little overrated right now. There is a massive difference in value between 15/30 and 15/20. An even bigger difference when you drop down to 15/10 which he is probably only a year or two away from doing.
  3. And while it may seem like I am down on Pantera, I am most definitely not. I think he is a generational talent. While he may have some early contact struggles, his power speed combo matched with his propensity to hit the ball in the air should provide massive fantasy returns. He will be hitting in a good ballpark for the next decade, and will have a solid if not elite group of bats around him. He is the future #2 hitter in this lineup, and will be a first round pick within a few years. But this year, he is going to struggle at times, and will most likely hit in the bottom of the order until he gains some experience.
  4. This is just how good Kershaw has been. Most dominant pitcher of his generation. He will figure it out and even with diminished velocity will be a top 5-10 pitcher for a while.
  5. I think the shortened season is really going to force the Dodgers to pitch him more in the majors as they will need the extra starter.
  6. Can't compare 2019 Padres to 2020 White Sox imo. Padres started the season with some combination of Greg Garcia, Franmil Reyes, Manuel Margot, and Ian Kinsler in their top 2 slots in the lineup. That is not good, and there was an obvious opportunity for a young player to make the jump. White Sox will have plenty of options above Robert, and even if he doesn't struggle (which I expect at some point he will), there won't be an obvious opportunity to move up outside of injury. Anderson, Abreu, Moncada, Jiminez, Encarnacion all will hit in front of him (and they should). Its better for Robert to hit in a lower pressure spot and find his way...it will also lead to more steals imo.
  7. He won't ever be the top fantasy pitcher again because he simply won't have the strikeouts, but he is still going to be super valuable, particularly because he is a starting pitcher that has the WHIP of a reliever. The value of 140-180 (depending on what happens this year) innings with a 1.00 or lower WHIP is monumental for both Roto and H2H.
  8. bet. 😁. I’ll do 100 push-ups if Kershaw is 3.51 or higher. You do the same if he is sub 3.00. Stay safe up there in NYC. Love the big apple and am praying for all of you.
  9. Eventually Robert moves into #2 spot as I think he will be a much better version of moncada. But that won’t happen this year.
  10. While everyone else is snagging his teammate Buehler in the top 2 rounds, I would rather have Kershaw 3/4 rounds. I think the Dodgers have a 6 man rotation for most of the year anyway with the doubleheaders. Everyone is going to get less work, and that plays to the favor of guys like Kershaw who were going to max out at 170-180 innings anyway. Now he will pitch 140 and the workhorses will probably end up with 160 or so.
  11. I expect him to hit 7 or 8 most of the year. As a rookie, there isn't a whole lot of upside in the White Sox moving him up. Anderson is going to hit leadoff, Moncada has earned #2. Abreu, Grandal, Encarnacion, Eloy will hit 3-6 in some order (my bet is that Eloy moves into the 4 or 5 hole by the end of the year and Grandal is hiting 6. Pantera could possibly sneak into the 6 spot if he really shows out, but I don't see them messing around with him at the top of the order and he isn't going to unseat the vets in the middle.
  12. Ill take just about any bet that if Kershaw doesn't experience a serious injury he will have a sub 3.50 ERA and more than likely sub 3.00. In the past 25 years there are only 2 other pitchers in his tier, Pedro and Randy. It wouldn't shock me in the least to see Kershaw win another Cy Young...the guy is that good of a pitcher.
  13. Justin Verlander: 2011: 2.40 ERA / 2.99 FIP / 3.12 xFIP / 95.6 FB Velocity 2012: 2.64 ERA / 2.94 FIP / 3.31 xFIP / 95.0 FB Velocity 2013: 3.46 ERA / 3.28 FIP / 3.67 xFIP / 94.4 FB Velocity 2014: 4.54 ERA / 3.74 FIP / 4.19 xFIP / 93.3 FB Velocity Sometimes it takes the great ones to figure out how to pitch with a slightly reduced arsenal, but sometimes the great ones are great because they are able to make those adjustments. Kershaw is going to go down as a top 5-10 SP of all time without a doubt...I wouldn't bet against him to figure it out in the same way that Verlander did despite losing speed on the fastball.
  14. Won’t have to spend April on the IL rehabbing now.... chance he starts the season as the #6 for doubleheader’s?
  15. With the upcoming compressed schedule, and the increasing likelihood that MLB enacts some sort of doubleheader strategy to make up the games, I believe there are some values to be had in 6th starter situations, and perhaps some depressed values as some pitchers will lose starts. I thought it might be interesting to have some discussion. Increase: Kopech, May, Luzardo, Urias I know there are a bunch more and I will come back and add some, but just wanted to get the discussion started. High likelihood that some of these younger arms will earn more consistent innings. Instead of a difference of 100 innings between a guy like Dustin May and a standard starter, the difference may be more like 50-60 innings, which is a huge increase in value. Same for a guy like Urias who was almost certainly going to be shut down at some point in the season with a normal schedule. Luzardo is in the same boat as Urias...just not enough innings in the past to warrant 180, so would probably be capped around 130-140 for the year.