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  1. So does Giles start off in Toronto or more time in the minors ? Assuming Toronto but curious
  2. danny Duffy out for awhile. Anybody getting called up that matters ?
  3. I agree he could have sneaky value. 20/20 is obviously something he can do and Texas seems like a great place for him. Risk is that he seems to have some issues but he has put up monster numbers in his past and I suspect these issues have been there during these times. I am buying at a discount whenever I can with him.
  4. Just saw that too. I hope not as I just wasted a pick up on Jiminez but I am gonna sit tight for a bit. The Tigers bullpen is such a mess I could see Molleken being a temporary call up with Jiminez being up soon. The local sports guy who claimed this reported it would be within the next 2 we will see.
  5. Some rumors floating around that he may be up in the next day or two. Nothing substantiated but local radio sports guys are saying he will be up very soon. With the bullpen being a mess, he could have significant role pretty quickly if he pitches well.
  6. Rob_P

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    Any chance he gets called up within the next month.
  7. He sure sounds serious about holding out....BUT....when do guys ever really hold out well into the year??....Hardly ever happens. I would love to get him in the mid rounds, He could easily be a top 5 WR when he comes back. I take that chance in a missing the first 3 games but its only 3 games.