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  1. Concerned whether you can even roster him at this point with White Sox and Twins being next two opponents it sounds like. Anyone trust him enough versus the White Sox to start tonight?
  2. I’m taking the plunge on Corey Davis again after the AJ Brown news. I know he has burned people many times in the past, but I’m expecting a lot of targets. Encouraged by his numbers week 1 too.
  3. Castro getting traded really opens the door for Hunter to take the O’s closer role fully.
  4. 11 K’s with 19 swinging strikes. I think he’s worth grabbing in most leagues with a hope of locking down that rotation spot.
  5. Back-to-back quality starts for this former top prospect. I was surprised to see he’s only 24 still considering it seems like forever ago when he was drafted in the first round by Cleveland and a top prospect in the Yankees system. Any fantasy appeal this year?
  6. Extremely promising bounceback game tonight from him.
  7. I did not see a thread here, so I figured it may be worth starting one. I have to believe he will remain a semi-regular rotation fixture for the Braves after they released Folty and Soroka was lost for the year. Talent has never at all been the issue for him. He has battled with control, but he has one of the best curveballs in baseball clearly. He’s only 24 still as well. Very impressive in his last two outings, and he now has 20 strikeouts scattered across 13.1 innings this year. I think there is some definite mixed league appeal.
  8. Jones and Drake. Thanks for helping with mine.
  9. Got to go Chubb. Don’t overthink it. Thanks for the help with mine.
  10. I like it the way you have it honestly. Would rather have those flex options over Chark and definitely can’t go with Jones over Tannehill.
  11. Yea I’d play boone over both. Sanders with the other spot.