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  1. Don't think any of those guys are 100%...if Jeffrey plays, go Jeffrey. If not, Sanders.
  2. John Brown or D.K. Metcalf today? .5 PPR... WHIR, of course.
  3. I give: Da. Johnson / OBJ I get: D. Adams / J. Mixon Really up in the air with DJ...not sure what the Cards have planned with Drake there now, but, have zero trust in Kingsbury...particularly as it relates to DJ. It really looks like he doesn't put alot of stock in him as a, to me, he becomes another slot receiver for them. With Drake coming out hot against a good SF defense, I can see him getting fixated on using him. Everyone has said that Beckham and (in reality), the Cleveland offense will get right and he'll start showing out...but, not sure they have the personnel on the O-Line to start flinging it downfield regularly. With Rodgers, Adams could provide a decent weely mini stack. And, with an offensive guy as the Bengals coach, and already having replaced their QB, I think Mixon has improved upside... As a note (that makes me nervous), I'd be trading away my #1 and #2 picks from my draft! Thanks, and, WHIR.
  4. I posted the same issue below. I am currently starting Stills...
  5. Usually get burned by overthinking these scenarios...don't follow the mantra, "Play your studs"...but, against this Pats D? Beckham Stills C. Davis at WR? WHIR, course
  6. I have Brown, but, bias aside, play Brown. Mine?