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  1. +'s ~ Javier Vazquez: Back in the NL, back in my good graces. Bud Norris: High K rate, good FIP, third year. Jon Niese: Above average K rate, great home park, third year. James McDonald: Good K rate, good FIP, he appears to have finally "got it." -'s ~ King Felix: Perfect season and he still only won 13gms. They say you don't chase wins, but I'd rather not start with a handicap. Mat Latos: 2nd straight year with bigger than standard IP increase. Jonathan Sanchez: His peripherals all stayed the same, yet his ERA dropped, seems a little lucky to me. Clay Buchholz: Doesn't K enough guys or miss enough bats to be taken so high. Trevor Cahill: High FIP + Low BABIP against = 18 lucky wins. Daniel Hudson: His FIP was high, his BABIP against was low, and now the league has had a look at him. He's in for a classic sophomore slump and his ADP is just not worth it. Madison Bumgarner: He threw more innings than he was scheduled to last year, could effect him this year.