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  1. I actually think he didn't really get a fair shake most of his stops. He wasn't bad in Tampa early in his career. I remember he took them into Seattle when they were good and gave them a run for their money, maybe even won that game.
  2. drew brees is cancelled qb1 this season tho
  3. TE1 2020 and I see no reason to not select him after the first 6 at every position or so have left the board; arguably before a few top RBs. Position scarcity makes this man an auto advantage to have on your squad. I'd take him early R2 to pair with a guy like Hop, Thomas, Godwin in R1.
  4. This man has been a bonafide WR1 with Bortles and Trubisky throwing him the ball. I think he can easily be a Top 8 WR if Foles wins the job and stays healthy. He'd certainly be far better than anything he's had to work with at QB. He is a huge value at current ADP because everyone is so afraid of the Bears QB room and offense overall... not that I blame them.
  5. My favorite group of dudes. Let's go! It would be cool to do a round or two on Zoom or Discord or something, foster a little togetherness. Or maybe not, just an idea. Anyway, I'm in.
  6. Preston Williams is a really good player and he will be a value at whatever his ADP is. Watching him play a little bit last year was fun, he definitely knows what he's doing and doesn't draw #1 corners. I'm buying everywhere.
  7. I love his weapons and I've been watching a lot of game tape on him (what's available, that is.) I really am beginning to believe in the talent. He is pretty good with turnovers but fumbled need work. The weapons he has around him seem very underrated to me. And I love the division he plays in.
  8. Diggs has one of the highest contested catch ratings in the entire NFL.
  9. I think he is going to be a legit QB1 this year like Allen was last year.
  10. The games where we had to score to keep up, we lost. And Denver was starting Brandon Allen against us, and Tennessee had Mariota out there. Philly hit us in the mouth and we couldn't keep up.
  11. I think he is a very, very good player that will be a top-end RB2. Every indication I get from Vegas is that they don't want him to be a volume guy. Also: THIS is how you make a 2020 Outlook thread. Would dap up IRL.
  12. You are slamming the Kool Aid, my dude. I'll leave it there. It's easy to cherry pick with a YouTube video the same way I can cherry pick with still-shots from almost every game this season where Allen missed easy reads to Knox.
  13. You can turn the ball over with more than an INT. I like the kid but his ball security is a huge net negative. He fumbles a lot and is really unaware of how to protect the ball when he is doing Allen things. Comparing him to Jameis is not relevant because Jameis is an awful QB and couldn't hold Allen's jock.
  14. He's a pretty good player. Watching him you can sort of tell he would be a really good TE on a team with a QB that can actually hit him consistently. I don't think that's going to happen here, though.
  15. i'd be interested in watching like UFC. the last ufc event was amazing, loved it. i don't wanna hear artificial noise or Joe Buck running his pandering yap. it would be cool to hear the players. i hope they take that route. god no, i enjoy having a lot of money and no responsibilities except for a job. this pandemic has just thrown a monkey wrench in my usual fall plans of wake up > workout > football until sleep.