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  1. i know but my guys are too old and i need some young blood in my backfield
  2. Yes, real life. Not for fantasy. If he got 20+ touches a game he'd be in the same conversation as guys like Kamara and Elliott.
  3. I think it's about time to talk about Singletary in the top tier of running backs. I'm usually wary to sip the homer Kool Aid but he is just so efficient per touch and he is a ridiculous blend of vision and quickness.
  4. Diggs should get a lot of Ramsey this weekend. They played each other in 2016 and Diggs went 3/55. I would not bench Diggs for this match up.
  5. Easy QB1 this week. The Dolphins secondary is terrible without Jones. Howard can't cover man to man and the other guy, #23, can't cover for ****.
  6. Schobert is alright and I forgot they had a second 1st round pick this year. Lots of pieces to like in Jacksonville on both sides of the ball.
  7. wont be next week exactly, but this guy has the looks of a league winner in 2020. conner doesnt got it.
  8. who really needs running backs anyway
  9. His QB has actually never, at any point in ARob's career, capped his potential. He's like the antithesis of that.
  10. He actually did well against Tre White at one point last season. Fitz is the problem.
  11. It will be hard for Ekeler to maximize his pass-catching ability with bum a** Tyrod at QB.
  12. Shoulda had another TD too, but he got a little anxious. Gotta stop fumbling.
  13. He is Lamar Jackson, minus some accuracy and plus a lot more fumbles.
  14. In games Buffalo projects to be ahead, sit him. Don't think about it next week. This competition really evened out as the off season went on. Moss didn't show a lot of running chops, but he's a rookie. Singletary still shows a lot of juice with the ball in his hands. The thing is, I don't think the staff wants to use him if not needed. They also dramatically shifted the offense to just let Josh run the whole show. I'd look at him as a matchup RB2 tbh, like Hunt in Cleveland.