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  1. You realize that no call would ever go NE's way, right?
  2. So outside of hiring bad coaches and refusing to pay top dollar for a good coach, he's been good? That's what I see.
  3. What has Jerry done wrong outside of keeping Garrett too long? He and his son have assembled an incredibly talented team. I think this off-season, we see a power shift to Stephen (who has been really good at draft hunches and picks,) the hiring of a great football guy like Lincoln Reilly or Urban Meyer, and a big improvement for the Cowboys overall with some cheaper free agents and a solid draft. And I hate the ******** Cowboys.
  4. Buffalo, Tennessee, New Orleans and Philadelphia.
  5. Not bad for a 15th round pick in a 14 team league. This kid has the juice.
  6. Brown is perfect for this team and I truly believe that if we get a tall WR for the other side of the offense to pair with him, that he will have 1300 yards and at least 8 TDs next year.
  7. One big receiver and a guard would really set this offense off for Buffalo. Dang.
  8. Brown is the best thing to happen to Buffalo since the grain elevators.
  9. if he gets volume, he will produce. it's as simple as that.
  10. He's not the most accurate on those swing passes, from what I can see.