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  1. I’d like to add another top end SP in my keeper league (keep 8 ) would you trade Albies and Soto for Cole? i have betts, acuna, Alvarez, meadows and eloy in my OF/UT and merrifield who I can move to 2nd.
  2. In my keep 5 league I'm in dire need of SP and as you can see, have a surplus of 3B and SS. I've reached out to a few managers and Sale, Scherzer, Cole, Beuhler are all available for the right price but I have no idea who I should target and for who. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. 3B options: Bregman, Devers, Vlad SS options: Bregman, Tatis OF options: Acuna, Harper, Soto, Eloy Can only dress 1 at each position and Only 1 UT spot. Silly to have bats like that on my bench when I really need a SP.
  4. Would you guys do Snell/realmuto for Harper/Heaney or Nola?
  5. Yes, Bryce was the first one I tried to dangle. Went after dice unfortunately. Guess I need to aim a bit lower.
  6. I have a log jam at 3b/ss/of and really need to add a high end SP. Looking for some ideas on potential SP targets utilizing 1 or a combo of the following players in my keep 5 league: vlad bryce bregman tatis jr devers eloy soto Appreciate the input!
  7. Would love to hear what SP's everyone is buying low or even high on right now. Position seems very thin this season.
  8. I don't get all the Soto hate in this thread. The kid is on pace for over 100 runs, an almost .400 OBP and 115 RBI's as a 20 year old 🤔 What were you expecting?
  9. I ended up going in a bit of a different direction - wanted a young hitter with upside as I didn't really feel too enthusiastic about keeping 4 SP's. Ronald Acuna for my 3rd and 9th. Thanks for all the input. Will see how it pans out but he's looking pretty solid this Spring so far and raw talent is through the roof. I like players like that
  10. Paxton Cole/Castillo (im torn) Quintanna Ohtani Price Help w/ mine please ?
  11. I'd keep Keuchel too. You need an ace and he could easily provide you with those numbers. Miggy could bounce back but he's also a huge risk and doesn't have much protection around him like he used to. Help with mine?
  12. Oh man, that's a tough one as I really like DeGrom but when you have an opportunity to snag Trout in a keeper league you do it. Any chance he'd bite on Arrieta, Berrios or Nola instead - probably not but maybe worth a shot. That said, I'd do the trade as is. Congrats on your solid draft. Help with mine if you have a minute?
  13. 12 team keeper league - 5x5 - QS instead of W's and OBP instead of AVG Currently my for sure keepers are: Betts, C.Seager, D.Murphy Rendon, DeGrom, R.Ray, C.Archer - that makes 7 I just managed to pick up Rendon & Archer for a couple of draft picks (2nd & 4th) - I acquired and extra 2nd and an extra 5th in a trade last season so not in the worst state picks wise. Where things get interesting is my 8th and final keeper. I have a bunch of fringe guys, but no one really pops out at me. OF Billy Hamilton - a nice guy to have, 60SB's and can win you the category most weeks on his own as long as he gets on base (299 OBP is gross and hurts you there) final ranking with our settings (149) 1B Miguel Cabrera - I've kept this stud for many years, did not foresee the regression arriving this quickly, does he bounce back? Can't believe he's on the outside looking in with my keepers. Disastrous year last year, final ranking (744). OF Ryan Braun - like Miggy, can he stay healthy and does he bounce back, final ranking (373) 1B Justin Smoak - breakout season last year but it could easily be a 1-off as he's 32, a fun guy to watch though and cheer for as I'm a suffering Jays fan final yahoo ranking with our settings (59) OF Shin-Soo Choo - another vet who put up nice numbers last year. Final ranking last year (58) 3B Adrian Beltre - this guy just always seems to hit, as long as he can stay healthy which unfortunately wasn't the case last season. I now have Rendon at 3B though so he would be stuck in my UT spot. Pitcher options: Jose Berrios - showed some promise last year, looked un-hittable at times, but can he take another step and become a top 20 SP (last years final ranking 175), Lance McCullers - love watching this guy and his filthy stuff, double digit k/9, but health always an issue and he's volatile to say the least. Kept him last season and obviously regretted it (final ranking 275) Another option that's been tabled to me: Keuchel for my 6th, my SP, which I feel is pretty thin would be pretty stacked. I'd have some work to do with my hitting though. So yes, as you can see, definitely some question marks for my final keeper - any input would be appreciated.