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  1. Is this guy playing? What do his owners think? Thinking hard if I can pickup D Valentine
  2. good that I waited the games today before coming up with a decision.. D Garland is looking to miss the next 2 games so I dropped him instead of Cam Johnson
  3. really thinking hard if I should drop Cam.. I'm fighting for a playoff spot and Bruce Brown is available for b2b games this weekend.. and next week, Cam is only usable for 2 games so I would most likely stream his position
  4. 2 out of 5! Sessions and Randolph! P.S. Can't upload more than 51.2kb!
  5. Moved WCJ out of the IR spot and have replaced him with Oubre Want to pick up Cam Johnson but drop A Holiday or Royce O'Neale? Leaning towards dropping O'Neale
  6. I have WCJ coming off my IL.. and I have TT and Maker as my 2 other droppables. Shall I let go of KPJ?
  7. make my #1 waiver claim and tanking this week's matchup worth it!
  8. yep. doesnt look promising at all.. subbed out by James Johnson again
  9. what's up with this guy? Is he going to be back after ASB? planning to use my waiver #1 on WCJ and contemplating to drop Kennard or Juancho