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  1. Just traded for Chubb, got Chubb and Edelman for AJ Green. All aboard
  2. I wouldn't trade Hunt, he is obviously desperate to unload McCoy. I also wouldn't do the Gordon trade either. See if you can somehow convince him to accept Gordon + Crabtree/Pryor for McCoy + Jordy
  3. Drop Hunter Henry, he wasn't even looked at or targeted and he stayed in to block most plays he was in. That being said it's close between Goff and Cutler, I'd personally go with Goff because he looked good in week 1 and I'm on board.
  4. Got to go with Cobb, he looked really good last game and I think it'll be a shootout in GB. Hogan and Brady could go off but I am leaning towards Cooks being more of that guy also yea no-go on starting Hogan and Cooks together. Seems pretty clear to me, Cobb.
  5. For me it'd be between Diggs and Parker. I'd roll with Diggs, Bradford played well and Diggs is crazy talented. So is Parker but we haven't seen him yet and the Dolphins are a run first team
  6. PPR I'd probably go with Buck, just because of the volume he is getting
  7. Only one? Go with Diggs imo, he is so talented its insane and with Bradford playing the way he is, should be good to go. After that I'd say Pryor, he's having troubles with drops but once he gets that figured out he'll beast
  8. I say start either Bradford or Cutler as you mentioned, all in all I'd lean towards Bradford just because we know the Dolphins are a run-first team with Jay Ajayi and we just haven't seen Cutler in action yet this year. Bradford played well and I do agree with you that this game could get high scoring and they will have to start airing it out.
  9. So many options, I say either m. Williams, lockett or amendola. Hope that narrows things down for you
  10. I'd say take it straight up but looking at your roster, you have no RB depth and thielen would be replacing a serviceable McCafferys, don't do it
  11. I say go with Carr, Seattle's oline looks horrible and their backfield is a mess.
  12. Not about Hunt man, it's Dalvin Cook. Not trading Hunt haha
  13. I say Martavis and Alshon, Peter's doesn't shadow WR's and Philly has a good QB in Wentz, Jeffery will get his shots. With Martavis same thing, good QB. I think the Vikings will focus a ton on Bell and Brown leaving Bryant for some big plays.
  14. Honestly it may be hard but I say you take this trade and possibly move Julio for an really need an RB but this trade for Julio is too good
  15. JStew, Seattle backfield is up in the air and I think Carson is the most talented player back there. There are talks already of limiting McCafferys touches which leaves JStew in a good place.