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  1. It's not just a hot bat, it's a stance/approach change.
  2. I'm simply pointing out that there may be good reasons for people being denied testing. If they have legitimate symptoms - of course I would want them to be tested. But I am betting that some are denied for good reason.
  3. Professional athletes have mortgage payments to make too, you know.
  4. Well there are a lot of hypochondriacs out there and we can't test everyone with the sniffles.
  5. Just a guess but I think we'll see games start in May. ~120-130 game season.
  6. I could absolutely see Vlad Jr putting up what Soto did last season - minus the steals. 34 HR / 110 RBI, .282/.401/.548 I think that is well within range
  7. Just so I'm clear, every time he strikes out this year it's cause he's fat and every HR he hits is good but looks awkward?
  8. I really don't see why Glasnow is going so high considering he only pitched 60 innings last year.
  9. You make it seem like MLB teams only scout stat lines to make promotion decisions.
  10. He's 6'2, 200 lbs and he calls himself "the little guy". David Laurila just interviewed him: "“Bobby Dalbec is the big guy, the home run hitter,” Duran said of his muscular minor-league teammate. “I’m the little guy who gets on for the bigger guys.” When I pointed out that he’s bigger than Mookie Betts, Duran shrugged and deadpanned, “He’s got more power than me.” Asked if power is something he’s hoping to grow into, his response was an equally-shrug-worthy, “If it comes it comes. If it doesn’t it doesn’t.”
  11. what makes you say Duran has sneaky pop?
  12. They forgot to add a trading block FFS.
  13. So you think the real Bregman (17% BB%, 12% K%) is closer to Baez (5% BB%, 28%)? I don't like Bregman but that's ridiculous.
  14. Also saw the note from rotoworld blurb that he'll be dealing with two bulging discs in his neck for the rest of his career. Typical Mets news.