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  1. It just seems to me that while a knee brace would help you recover some of your ability thanks to the stabilization, HGH would more than compensate for Trout's thyroid issue. In other words: CC no brace is at 70%, brace gets him to 85%, or 15% closer to "normal" 100%. Trout thyroid issue is 80-90% himself, HGH gets him to 120% of himself. DISCLAIMER: I'm not speaking to this as if I know for sure Trout does this, what Trout's symptoms are, or as someone that fully understands all HGH can do for the human body. I'm posting this discuss and learn where I can.
  2. I'd have to imagine that players like Bregman and Altuve will be feeling a lot more pressure out of the gate than they normally would. They'll be anxious to prove they're legitimate star players and it could have them pressing more than normal. Any 1-for-20 slump is going to draw A LOT more attention than it otherwise would.
  3. You make this out to be simple. What if some players used a buzzer for a series and then didn't like it while others like Altuve did it all season? What if some players didn't use a buzzer but benefitted from the banging on the trash can all season? What if some players didn't want to cheat but couldn't help but hear the trash can getting hit? Surely they shouldn't all be punished the same.
  4. You're missing the point. Obviously if he has been approved for this exemption he isn't cheating but he is still getting an advantage which does plant the seed to make fans wonder how good he really is. IF this is even true, of course.
  5. The "best player in the game" gets to take HGH and you just shrug?
  6. I came here to post because the same thing crossed my mind. However, he also hit 23 HR in 56 games in AAA last year to go with his 27 in MLB.
  7. Does it get any more METS than Beltran being a manager for 0 games?
  8. Yea, he threw 111 innings in 2018 so I think 140 is probably realistic at most (25% increase). Being it's the Rays, I imagine they'll probably get creative and use him as an opener a good bit so that they can spread him out over the whole season.
  9. I'm pretty confident in saying that not all of these negative outcomes will come to fruition.
  10. Why would you ever blow up a roster when their best hitters are: Devers (23), Benintendi (25), Bogaerts (27), Betts (27), Martinez (32) That's the make of a team in the middle of it's window, not the end.
  11. I wish he was on a team like the Royals that would let him loose on the basepaths. I bought into the hype that he could be a 15 HR, 40 steal guy but I don't see that happening in today's game. Only a few teams let their guys really run.
  12. A forearm strain cost Glasnow more than half his season (May - Sept). Before the injury, he was looking like the next up-and-coming ace with a 97 mph fastball with cut and a wipeout 12-6 curve. Thankfully, he came back in September and picked up where he left off throwing 12.1 IP, 2 ER, 5 BB, 21 K over 4 short starts. Overall, he finished with 12 GS, 60.2 IP, 76 K, 14 BB, 1.78 ERA. Do we think Glasnow is going to continue his success from last season and perhaps more importantly for 2020, how many innings do we think he can provide?
  13. What makes you think it wasn't a fluke?
  14. Down by 7 - he has Lutz, I have NO D/ST Gonna be close