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  1. That would be an all-time Rotoworld blurb. "Aaron Jones was abducted by aliens during practice on Friday. We'll await word from the Packers coaches to see if they got a license plate on the flying saucer that sucked him in. For now, consider Aaron Jones week-to-week."
  2. In hindsight, it was probably silly to assume dancing = able to play. I mean, was his dancing closer to the WAP or the YMCA? Makes a big difference!
  3. I think all that's blocking Akers is Henderson. (Malcolm Brown is just a guy). Dobbins has Ingram, Gus, and Lamar to lose carries to. I think it's more likely that Akers gets predictable work.
  4. But Tonyan is a bit gimpy. I like him better than Thomas but not sure about this week.
  5. 0.5 PPR. Leaning towards Tonyan since he has a better QB. Like both matchups. Thanks!
  6. How is any of this "overboard?" People are sharing their opinions and viewpoints. Some seem to think he's worth the risk. Others can't see why a 5-0 team would take a risk. At this point there's enough evidence to point to this being a good decision for SEA or a horrible one. We all know AB is talented. We all know he's a distraction. I could easily see SEA thinking their D is bad enough that they'll be in shootouts all year and need an extra weapon. But I could easily see AB not adding much more to what they already have and also causing drama. Both are justifiable opinions.
  7. Agree with your entire post but especially bolded part. I think that's most likely what this is. Seahawks are 5-0 and I have a hard time seeing how they would think AB's talent outweighs his risk at this point. If SEA was 3-2 and/or struggling a bit on offense I could understand it. But Wilson is playing like an MVP and they've scored >27 points in every game, averaging 34. For SEA, the upside is that he's still 90% of what he was and he gives Russ a 4th weapon in addition to Metcalf/Lockett/Carson. The downside is he takes some time to gel, Wilson loses some efficiency he's shown, and of course that he just goes out of his mind again and becomes a giant distraction/PR nightmare with his rape case starting in Dec (from what I've read). I still get adding him over the last scrub on your bench in fantasy. But if SEA adds him, I don't understand it.
  8. I truly can't believe any team would have interest, let alone the 5-0 Seahawks. I read his rape case starts in December. What team wants to have him on the roster while that is going on?
  9. Are you actually comparing Rodgers comments to what AB has done?
  10. I'll admit I didn't watch the game. I'm just simply stating that 9 carries is not enough to get a sense of how good a player is or how he'll be used. But I do think he's worth considering as a pick up becuase McKinnon's usage and performance has been spotty. But I doubt Hasty would be a 3 down back with McKinnon there and being an undrafted rookie. If Hasty is only getting carries I'm not very interested.
  11. On rotowire I think it shows that Chark is only lining up in the slot 24.9% of the time thus far.
  12. Hasty had 9 carries for 37 yards. 1 target. I agree that McKinnon's usage lately has me wondering but 9 for 37 isn't convincing me of anything yet.