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  1. We are now full. Thanks for taking the time to read. If you were interested leave your name and I will contact you if someone does not meet the payment deadline.
  2. This is a daily lineup set up, lock individually before game. I’m already in another nl only so I am not currently looking to join any others but we would love to have an experienced player fill our last spot if you are interested?
  3. Still needing to fill at least 1 spot! Season is coming up fast. Our draft is the 21st and the season starts on the 26th. Let’s fill this!
  4. Sent you a message and invite. Still looking for at least 1 more spot! Let's fill it
  5. Right now it is a redraft league. I would love to make it a small keeper eventually but want to find a good, reliable group first. It is really hard to have a good keeper league if there is a lot of turnover each year. I have messaged you. Still needing two members to commit!
  6. 2 spots left with a couple of inquiries. It will be first come first serve so don’t hesitate!
  7. Hey guys, If by chance you also want to play for some money. I have a $100 NL only auction league starting up that needs 3 more members. It will be a fun draft and hopefully a fun year. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks
  8. The budget is $260. Free agent pickups are ran on Sunday/Wed/Fri evenings with a $100 free agent auction budget (min $0 bid). For the roster size, I am pretty set on how it is. I want there to be at least some chance of picking up contributors off the waiver wire. I know how hard it can be to match up for trades and I want to keep the league active throughout the year. For the keepers question. I would love to make it a small keeper league. However, this is always easier said than done with league turnover. If we can get a good group together this year i will definitely revisit that option before next season. The settings should also be viewable through the link. If there’s anything else let me know. If you want to join up just send over your email. Thanks