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  1. The spot has been filled. Nathan if something falls through with anyone paying by Friday I will let you know as soon as I can
  2. It’s yours if you want it! Just need your email and for you to pay leaguesafe by Friday, the sooner the better.
  3. Sorry it is also a 0.5 ppr league. Snake draft
  4. We have 1 opening for a 12 team two QB league (1 spot is an offensive player) on ESPN. Buy-in is $40 made on leaguesafe by Friday 8/30. Draft is Sunday 9/1 at 7 ET. Rosters QB, Super Flex (mostly a 2nd QB),RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex, TE, DST, K. 6 reserve spots. If you haven’t played two QB leagues it really is a great option that we all enjoy. Draft order will be randomized once the league is fully paid. If there are any questions please let me know or leave me your email to join. First come first serve
  5. GOAT Pitching like an ace right now. Racking up Ks and keeping the pitch count low. No reason he cant be productive all year as long as the workload doesnt get to him
  6. Tyler O'Neill getting the call tomorrow and no corresponding move has been announced. I think they will wait to see how Pham feels tomorrow before deciding whether or not to DL him. If he doesn't go on the DL it looks like he may be out at least a few days with O'Neill coming
  7. Feel bad for the people who drafted Jansen. Every batter it looks like he is going all out, he used to make it look so easy. Has absolutely no idea where the ball is going because he is having to overthrow so much Dodgers are the kings of the 10 day DL. They might as well make the move now
  8. This guy has a lot of fantasy haters in this thread for some reason. We knew the steals numbers were going to be better as he has made it a point to run. He will be 20/20 if he stays healthy and has the potential for more.
  9. Command as always is an issue. 0-2 counts that he cant finish. Even when he doesnt walk ppl the command is still an issue with him
  10. Is this a for real statement? "Oh just a homer tonight, no big deal." Some of us that don't play in 10 team mixers consider that a good night
  11. This guy has got to get his walks down before he can be taken seriously as a fantasy contributor. It's the most glaring weakness that is holding him back
  12. Barnes pitched the 6th and 7th innings yesterday. I think the plan was to go two innings of Albers the whole time but now Albers will be unavailable tomorrow and Barnes will get the shot if there's a save. This situation could be whoever converts the first one gets the job. Albers didn't hurt his case tnite but Barnes could get a real shot if there's a save op tomorrow. All things equal I still say Albers would get first shot
  13. Do you actually read past the first sentence or naw?
  14. Albers isn't the flashy fantasy pick but he's going to get the first crack. Jeffress and Barnes aren't too far behind but Barnes is still gaining Counsel's confidence back (appeared in 6th inning today). Common usage says its Albers but if they want to keep the same formation as they have now they could move Jeffress past everyone to keep the other roles the same. Rotoworld reports its Hader and fantasy owners will want Barnes but if I'm guessing its one of the other two.