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  1. All of this is final? The players are getting screwed so hard...
  2. The mortality rate in America has been rising despite testing being more available. It was in the 1.1% - 1.4% range for days. When I checked this morning it was at 1.9% now it is up to 1.98%. Globally the death rate is at 4.9% (albeit missing many asymptomatic / mild symptom) the overall global death rate has been trending higher while testing has been greatly increasing. For over a week straight was in bouncing around between 3.0% - 3.5% and it's just steadily rose from there. This trend could get quite a bit worse once hospitals start hitting and exceeding capacity. We have to see how dedicated everyone continues to be with social distancing. As well as we have to see how creative cities and states get with testing and make shift hospitalization. Drugs to treat it will also help get people out of the hospital depending on how efficient they are. But the main problem I hear doctors fear is that we could eventually run out of ventilators. Also here's where I pull my numbers from. Seems to be the most accurate I've found. Has state by state breakdowns on it too. As well as all the other countries.
  3. That and if you don't drink or drive late at night your chances of dying in a car accident are astronomically smaller than the overall whole statistic of % of people who die in car accidents. Also when operating a vehicle you have some sense of control to somewhat maneuver your own fate. The only thing you can control about catching covid is to isolate and execute good hygiene after the times you had to leave the house. Otherwise you're just a percent chance floating around out there.
  4. If they're going to cut the rounds than I would think players association should argue signing bonuses should be increased drastically.
  5. Are we still so sure he's better than Skubal? Prospect rankings clearly say so but personally I wouldn't trade my Skubal straight up for Mize just based on the upside end of the two players.
  6. Paredes is by far the best on this list. I know there's a lot of shiny new toy hype surrounding Heriberto Hernandez but he is not anywhere near Paredes right now. Paredes will hit the bigs this year even in a shortened season.
  7. I'm probably late to answer this but honestly it all really depends on league settings. I personally am super high on Lux. Puk could skyrocket back up the charts once he's healthy and back on track. Is Riley, Riley Green? If so I'd rather just keep the youth personally. Especially with the season being shortened.
  8. I find it to be kind of an oxymoron that Americans are coming together by staying away from each other. I will now leave you with the song oxymoronic which breaks down a lot of what is wrong with our medical industry through the loved pun:
  9. Ahh my mistake I missed that. So let me change my number 4. 4. It should be tracking overall hospitalization rate and we should be watching that number grow towards our hospitals capacity. Once it breaks through that point that's when the death rate starts to climb back up.
  10. Not true. A few things to consider. 1. America has taken this much more serious than Italy did. I heard they gave out over 200,000 citations. 2. America has better hospitals and lesser population density. So our spread will subside more from social distancing than Italy's and it will take longer for our hospitals to be at capacity. 3. Italy's death rate is currently 9.5% compared to America's being at 1.2% 4. Obviously for this chart to be a more accurate measurement it should be done on a per capita basis which it is not. source I've been using:
  11. I will say the mainstream media never called it a hoax but they keep claiming we are right behind Italy and that's just fear mongering. Which maybe it is helping people take it even more serious or make people think twice about breaking the shelter in place. Now Trump and The GOP called it a hoax for nearly 2 months. It's almost poetic justice when a bunch of the people at CPAC were making fun of the virus calling it a hoax ended up getting it.
  12. Doctors should be explaining the risks. Is this stuff over the counter in Nigeria? Also Hydroxychloroquine is less toxic than chloroquine. Clinical trials start in NY tomorrow so we will soon start getting some real data. Keep in mind desperate times call for desperate measures. This is a clinical trial that was not FDA approved to streamline it in a clear time of crisis.
  13. The Florida Beaches were bad. But honestly the rest of the country as a whole I feel has taken this very seriously. Americans had the benefit of seeing what was happening in Italy before it happened here. Like said earlier in here this next week is critical data to project this going forward. I for one am very curious as to how much the deaths go up today compared to yesterday. But there are a lot of positive things happening in America right now to combat covid-19. Tomorrow there are clinical trials starting for Chloroquine (originally used to treat malaria) & Hydroxychloroquine (a less toxic deriviatie of chloroquine). Both are hopeful to help alleviate symptoms making less people need to be hospitalized (depending on how effective they are). Also I've heard experts saying that there is hope Hydroxychloroquine can make covid-19 less efficient at transmission (not to be confused with a cure or vaccine). GM, Haines, and other big companies are offering to start manufacturing needed PPE (personal protective equipment) for hospitals. States are converting hotels that obviously aren't getting much business into temporary hospitals for covid-19 patients. Many states are doing very well with the drive thru testing. I don't want to say that the worst part is behind us just yet but I think we are doing a lot better than the fear mongering mainstream media is making it sound like.
  14. I have a strong suspicion that spring training games get fired back up in empty stadiums before the CDCs 8 week recommendation is over.