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  1. This will be a true test... Rookie and even young QBs for that matter generally do not do very well against Patriot's defenses.
  2. JRob doesn't get the limelight he deserves. Undrafted in a small market losing team. Also not that it changes the discussion any but Herbert was the 6th overall pick. So I'm not saying it isn't an uphill battle but what I am saying is that there's too much football left to just here are the awards with 5 games left.
  3. The league is adjusting and evolving every day. Herbert is likely going to have at least 1 bad game if not 2 from here on out. We will see though. Closing the season against Denver and KC is not an easy task. Atlanta's defense is much improved from where they started the season and Las Vegas has only been slightly an advantageous matchup for opposing QBs and WRs all season. But if JRob keeps going off and Herbert falters some it makes it a very close race. Yeah everyone's going to lean towards the QB as well as the high first round draft pick. So Robinson not only will have to do very well but he would need Herbert to falter fairly hard at this point. But my entire point is Herbert has played 10 games and Robinson has played 11 games, both producing immensely. But let's not crown one over the other with 5 games left on the schedule. That's 50% of the game's Herbert has played already.
  4. It's still too close to call.... Herbert is in the lead being the QB, higher profile player, with the historic stats. But is it by no means "end of discussion". Let's see what happens. Herbert could very well implode down the home stretch of the season.
  5. Dang that's going to be an interesting afternoon game for you.
  6. Arm talent is there. But keep in mind he opted out of 2020 because he was dealing with depression and getting divorced after only being married for about 5 months. His wife I want to say was pregnant at the time as well and due to give birth sometime in January. So his life could be in total disarray right now.
  7. Also I don't know if I remember ever seeing a RB get more TDs called back. I know my recollection here is probably biased but on my fantasy teams of 4-5 strong RBs he easily has the most. I remember 2 in one game both were for holding penalties on the other side of the field that had nothing to do with him springing free. I can literally think of 3 times he's had a TD run called back in the last few weeks.
  8. Robinson is better than Fournette was last year. Robinson is averaging more rushing yards per game, per carry, 8 TDs in 11 games compared to Fournette having 3 TDs in 15 games. Fournette had more receiving opportunity last year than Robinson gets this year. But Robinson looks to be far more efficient with his receiving work. Then figure he's like 4 years younger.
  9. Playing @DEN is no joke. The game script (as well as game flow which followed their plan) didn't dictate for much passing, especially any high risk passing. They ran the ball 44 times for 229 yards 5.21 yards/carry. They had 4 rushing touch downs. Denver had 33 rushes to 9 pass attempts (1 completion). This was not a game in which they needed to really throw the ball down field. Also for the record Atlanta who they will play again this upcoming week just shut down The Raiders too so probably a better defense right now than they were earlier in the season. What we saw yesterday is closer to a floor game than an average game for Taysom at QB.
  10. reception share was 100% target share not quite so ... But hilarious nonetheless
  11. I'm not entirely sure about that. The only thing I am sure of is that Glennon looks more like Doug Funny than both Luton & Minshew.
  12. He's been an awesome kicker to own. Keep it up Koo!
  13. DJ Chark & Chris Conley are both out today. Robinson is going to get a ton of work.
  14. ESPN has him projected for 1 point with no QB today.
  15. They did not activate him off the IR yet. A few days ago Bill said Edelman is trending in the right direction though. So Jakobi may only have another 2 weeks of Edelman free football to keep producing big numbers.
  16. RB1nson has a 40 game in him. Let him eat today!
  17. You cannot make any roster adjustments, adds, drops, or trades though.
  18. I feel that Houston agrees that Jakobi is the WR1 in NE.