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  1. 2 hours ago, NInsko said:

    The Colts are going to DESTROY the JAGS with their D and Run Game. 


    Not if Rotoworld darling aka everyone's favorite sleeper aka pick up of the year aka future hall of famer James Robinson has anything to say about it!!!


    Well ... he could go off for 220 scrimmage yards and 3 TDs and they'd still probably lose.  Yeah so go with Indy over the tanking Jags.

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  2. I couldn't find a thread on Isabella.  Surprisingly since this guy has immense upside as a lottery ticket that likely went undrafted in your league.


    A 4.31 second 40 yard dash.  Crazy yards per reception 21.0 yards per reception.


    On 13 targets last year he has 2 plays go for huge yardage 55 and 88 yards.  In his 2019 preseaon he had a 59 TD reception also.


    Big play ability player in his second year at a minimal risk cost.  Of course I'm interested.

  3. 5 hours ago, fawkes_mulder said:

    Are player threads supposed to be exclusively for people who own the subject player? You want a onfirmation bias/echo chamber? Honestly, it's best for every single thread on RW if dissenters come in as well. #1 to hear other points of view, #2 for entertainment value as truthers lose their cool.

    I go into player threads all the time when I have no shares of the player, and I also go to ones where I own shares.

    Y'all need a safe space, honestly? Let's see how RoJo does. I've made it known I think he's garbage. Mainly eye test. Both have had YPC issues, but Fournette at least does serious work in the receiving game and is a high effort guy. But hey, maybe Fournette is garbage too. Maybe it's Vaughn szn.

    My bet is Lenny though.


    If you think RoJo is "garbage" you obviously haven't watched him run.


    Your boy LF tho, he fell off a cliff last year.  His last 7 games were terrible.


    I'm pretty sure itll end up being RoJo the work horse yardage back then Fournette inside the 20 will TD vulture.  But not enough to justify him being a starting fantasy running back, but a soso flex play.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Uncle_Ruckus said:


    Bishop Sanky was a 2nd rd pick too. Jones can still be useful this season—carrying Fournette’s shoulder pads and helmet to the bus after the games 😎


    Fournette will be nothing more than a TD vulture.  RoJo should dominate Fournette in touches and yards per touch.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, SuperMarksBros. said:

    Be careful.  This team will be in a negative game script all year, and they have an established passing downs back(rapport with OC). 

    Pick him up (as I did), but slow your roll


    Hype trains do not simply "slow their roll".  All aboard if this train hasn't already left the station!

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  6. 3 minutes ago, The G Man said:

    Yeah, I'm not really feeling it myself, but will likely roll him out there due to a lack of better options.Doubt he racks up another 8 catches for 137 yards, but I could see 5-6 catches for 60ish yards. 

    One thing that I don't think is being mentioned much though is how many players the Pat's D doesn't have coming back from last year's team. Phins might be able to move the ball with some effectiveness. 

    Fins Up baby!


    Fins Up Baby!!

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  7. 3 minutes ago, AnchorDown said:

    Just stoking the fire to keep it interesting, gents :)

    Nobody knows what the hell is going to happen in this backfield, but it is fun as hell to speculate. Situations like this are what make fantasy football and specifically these forums a fun diversion. It’s true that I’m not high on RoJo, but like anyone else who is being honest with themselves I could see a wide range of outcomes for what will come out of this backfield in 2020. I don’t take myself seriously enough to really have an emotional or intellectual stake in the RoJo v. Fournette argument, despite what I post on these devilishly fun forums. In all honestly, I like my Vandy boy Vaughn the best of the three and am rooting for him more than anyone, though he clearly seems the odd man out in this conversation.

    I know you all will be eagerly refreshing the box score of the Bucs game this Sunday, just like I will be, to see how this plays out. Ain’t it beautiful? Football is back!!


    Amen to that.  But back to stoking the fire.


    RoJo's upside is insanely higher than Fournette's.  Younger, faster, more moves, more time spent in the offense.


    But I will say to the "Fournette has no value because no other team would trade for him arguement" that was much more so based on Fournette's contract rather than his talents and abilities.  He cleared waivers because teams didn't want to take the 4.2M cap hit right before the season started during a pandemic. 

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  8. 14 minutes ago, AnchorDown said:

    If true, crazy that they let Peyton Barber go—if the ultra-gifted RoJo couldn’t beat out Barber in two years, they made a big mistake and need to call Washington to make sure they understand that they have a star riding the bench in their backfield.

    Unfortunately for Leftwich, the only gift involved with RoJo is when he inevitably coughs up the rock and gifts possession back to the defense. 


    Context.  RoJo is young was learning the offense and getting acclimated to The NFL.  There's a reason they say to target 3rd year breakouts.


    RoJo has lost 2 fumbles in his young career... Seems like youre going way out on a limb to brand him of that.


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  9. 6 minutes ago, PlayTheWaivers said:

    Oh boy...another positive tidbit from Gruden. Looking like a RB2 start more and more...adjust the ranks? 


    I so badly want to plug him into my lineup already.  I reached on Mostart rho for my flex so I am really struggling with flexing Robinson.

  10. 25 minutes ago, oliminator123 said:

    1. Ronald Jones is the lead back in TB all season long. 

    2. Brees gets replaced by Winston halfway into the season. 

    3. OBJ finishes the season as WR1. 

    4. I end the season still single, because I can't take enough attention away from fantasy and football to give it to a woman. 


    I totally agree with #1.  #4 was a complete gem.

  11. On 7/21/2020 at 6:22 PM, mocha4313 said:


    Nagy made a bum like Trubisky look promising and reach the Pro Bowl.

    He didn't deserve the Pro Bowl but there were definitely spurts in 2018 when Trubisky looked like he had franchise QB potential

    His play calling leaves a lot to be desired but I don't think this is entirely fair to him as a coach.


    As for playmakers, Robinson is the only true stud, but I still think Miller can be something useful.

    Remember Robert Woods on Buffalo? The worst spot for a WR is a team with awful offense and good defense.

    Same goes for Cohen.

    Graham sucks though I agree

    Monty still has to prove he is good.


    That said I am really down on the team overall: Foles is alright and I agree with @Corey In Da House that he looked great against us week 1 for a drive, but the defense IMO is going to keep trickling down from number 1 to top 5 last season to more like 10-12 this season another year removed from Fangio with some key players aging unless Roquan Smith makes the next step or their 2nd round rook Jaylon Johnson makes an immediate impact


    Nagy is by no means a bad coach.  For some reason that continues to be the narrative around The Chicagoland area.  


    Ryan Pace cannot hit on an offensive player.  Continues to give draft capital away like halloween candy and made possibly the biggest draft day blunder in modern history.


    Coaches dont accidentally get coach of the year.  Bad coaches dont have a higher than .500 record in their 1st two seasons when the only reason their team was considered an under acheiver was because they over acheived so much the year before.


    If Cody Parkey makes a kick The Bears would have had a legot shot at The Superbowl.


    The Bears brought Nagy in to rebuild their system.  But before he ever gets to draft Pace already gave away a ton of draft capital to draft the wrong QB.  Lets stop putting that on the coach who in his rookie year got coach of the year.


    Nagy is 20-13 counting the playoff loss that came down to a double doink.  All while having the wrong QB and limited draft capital in his tenure.  


    Also for the record dont conflate my anti Ryan Pace rant with me being anti Mitch.  Mitch didnt draft himself. Mitch didnt pick to work with an unevolved John Fox in his first season.  I for one think Mitch can take a big step forward this year.  Part of this is Nagy having to realize he needs to compromise his ideals with Mitch's strengths and weaknesses.  This isnt uncommon for new head coaches.

  12. 21 minutes ago, FavreCo said:

    RoJo cannot screw up or Fournette will pass him up.


    RoJo has always been on a short leash.  Which is a damn shame cause hes a big time play maker.  If hes given 15~ touches a game hes going to be sick value. Just get him out in space and let him do his thing.

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  13. Bold predictions:


    1. Sam Darnold out produces Joe Burrow... by a substantial margin too.  I've already convinced 3 of my buddies to give me 2 to 1 odds on this.  Didnt really have to convince they acted like I was giving away free money.


    2.  Cooper Kupp is a top 3 PPR wide receiver.  I'm so high on Kupp I don't know if this is even bold but I was getting him in the 4th round in drafts.


    3.  DeVante Parker is a top 6 wide receiver.  He was going in the pick 72-80 range in drafts.


    4.  The Patriots win more games than The Bucs.  More bold with the public than Vegas.  Right now I'm seeing most sites having the Patriots 8.5 - 9.0 wins compared to most sites having The Bucs at 9.5 with heavy -160ish to -170ish odds.


    5.  James Robinson thread ends the rotoworld season with the most replies.  Choo!! Choo!!

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  14. 1 hour ago, brockpapersizer said:


    Petco doesn't play like it use to, but sure it's still a pitcher's park.  I'm not sure his price is that high this year, but I'm still likely avoiding because I'm not confident the upside is tremendous this year.  If he has a rough year and his ADP is low next year with a guaranteed start in the majors, I'd be much more willing to dive in.


    Yeah universal DH extra pitchers on the roster.  Even if he pitched well on the day chances are he's removed the first sign of trouble in the 5th and especially in the 6th.  If you drafted before the pandemic and got him you probably got decent value.  Any drafts post pandemic I doubt you get any return on an investment.  I say this knowing he was going fairly late in redrafts. What really is his upside?...


    Zips has him projected for 105Ks.  I'd take the under on that for sure in a shortened season and expanded rosters.  Depth Chart projects 81 and Steamer 76.  I think 76 a fair projection with how much hype surrounds Gore.  But ultimately I would likely take the under on 76 as well as I just don't see him breaking 70 innings this year.  101 innings last year between Advanced A and AA and that was by far the most innings on his young career.  So 70+ in a season that is likely to be 50% of a normal season just doesn't seam feasible especially when he isn't going to be allowed the 3rd time through a whole lot.  So expect low win totals too.



    ERA wise he's projected 3.62 (Steamer), 4.26 Zips, and 3.94 Death Charts.   I'd be taking the over on 3.94 for sure Zip's 4.26 seems reasonable as I don't think he'll ever be allowed to be out there to get much worse than 4.26.  Note that he had a 4.15 ERA in AA (only 5 starts) where his H9 more than doubled (4.08 to 8.31) and his HR9 tripled (0.45 to 1.25).  Skipping AAA into the big leagues and not getting his expected NL boost with the universal DH.  His best bet at success I feel is if the MLB uses a ball that randomly benefits his arsenal and approach.  But if it's the same juiced ball he could be in for a rough time. 


    A high majority of 4-5 inning pitched games is not going to win you anything in fantasy especially if it's a quality start league.


    I'm thinking best case scenario is they commit to pitch him every time it's his turn at the back of the rotation.  That would give him what 31 - 32 starts max in a normal season for a 5th starter.  So 16 starts would be half off that which is way too high.  Say we go with the projections of zips (21 way too high) Steamer (13) and Depth Charts (13).  13 seems fair if they're committed to getting him that much work he would still have to average just over 5.1 innings a start to break 70 innings.


    Also what happens if the Padres are actually right in the thick of things?  Do they have to convert him into a RP for the last 5-6 weeks of the season to hopefully get more out of him in the playoffs?


    Now I'm almost thinking best case scenario is they bring him up as an extended reviler get some holds and 3 inning saves.  Honestly it would be the most logical.  You could get him in a very good position to succeed.  The Padres should use Gore as their pitcher following an opener. 


    Ultimately I totally agree next year could net some value if he struggles this year.

  15. On 5/28/2020 at 7:21 PM, brockpapersizer said:


    I think if Mize never gets hurts he probably would have been a decent to really good pitcher in the majors last year.


    Gore is certainly the best guy to have in the minors in terms of pitching, but there's no sure things.


    Side note: I can't remember the last time the consensus top starter as a prospect  at the beginning of the season set to debut that year actually was worth their ADP. 


    Whitley, Bauer, Giolito, Archie Bradley all were pretty rough to own early. Whitley didn't even make the majors last year and some people were saying he should have been the TOP prospect. Not saying Gore won't be a stud but I'm absolutely not investing a premium redraft pick on him. 


    While Gore is a good talent he is vastly over rated.  I wouldn't touch him in redraft.  Even in redraft next year he could be a flop for where he's going to end up going.  A lot of Gore's fantasy value is the fact that he's in PETCO but put a DH up against him every night and a young pitcher quickly looses value.  I'd rather wait on a bunch of other pitchers who will likely out do Gore over the next 1.5 seasons as well as go much later.

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  16. 8 minutes ago, OrangeCrush said:

    Couple questions on SP


    1. Will Starters have enough time to build arm strength to go 90-100 pitchers early in the season?

    2. If no, how on earth do you score this in fantasy leagues?? (H2H pts)  


    Was listening to Mad Dog yesterday and he said starters would go like 3 inn... That could be a fantasy disaster. 


    I'm so sick of hearing this pitchers won't be ready nonsense (not exactly what you're saying but the talking heads keep crying about this).  Go throw a damn bullpen.  Pitch into a screen.  There are a million things that can be done yes not all of them ideal but the 3 weeks of spring training over extra actual games is absurd to me as a baseball player and baseball coach.


    Pitchers just need to throw hitters actually need to see pitches.  So honestly the lay over has put hitters at a bigger disadvantage not getting live reps.  Granted not hitting in the cold days will help the hitters stats overall.


    But it's a historic pandemic things will certainly be different, I want to see what guys adjust and rise to the occasion.  Not punish everyone else with less games because some guys (professionals) were too lazy to stay ready or get ready during the negotiations.  Let's reward those who have been professionals and are ready sooner.

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  17. 10 hours ago, JE7HorseGod said:

    It's estimated that about 30% of the revenue comes from the gate.  So you can see the math here doesn't add up with this hypothesis.

    Here are the revenues by team -

    And here are the payrolls -

    You prorate both the revenues to account for that lost 30%, and then the prorated salaries and the lost revenue from missed games is a wash.  It's still plenty profitable for someone to own a baseball game that gets played in empty stands on TV.


    You also have to factor in the over head of running a stadium and what each team invests in advertising.  But I think it's pretty off the wall for the owners to act like they're going to be out on the streets over this.  Yeah they won't make as much money or maybe they even do lose some money.  1 year of loss revenue for decades of explosive growth and profits.... Since the owners every other year reap the most reward seems like they need to be the one's taking on the money risk.  Not the players who are risking their health.

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  18. On 5/9/2020 at 6:50 PM, JE7HorseGod said:

    Nothing is official. Major League Baseball will discuss its plans for the 2020 season in a conference call with owners on Monday. If the owners give their approval, the league will present its proposal to the players’ union on Tuesday.


    As previously reported, even a formal plan would be subject to change; the details are pending ownership and union approval, and the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic might force the league to adjust locales and schedules before the season begins and after it is in progress.

    Any plan also would require sign-off from medical experts and confidence that testing for the virus would be sufficiently available. But here is a rough outline of some of what the league would like to do, according to four people with knowledge of the league’s intentions:

    • A regular season beginning in early July and consisting of approximately 80 games. The number might not be exactly 80 — 78 and 82 are also possibilities.

    The schedule would be regionalized: Teams would face opponents only from their own division and the same geographic division in the opposite league. An NL East club, for example, would face teams only from the NL East and AL East.

    A 78-game schedule might look like this: Four three-game series against each division opponent and two three-game series against each non-division opponent.

    • Teams would open in as many home parks as possible, with even New York — the major-league city hardest hit by the coronavirus — potentially in play by early July.

    Toronto also might open by then, though nonessential travel between the U.S. and Canada is restricted through at least May 21 and all travelers to Canada are subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

    Teams unable to open in their cities temporarily would relocate, either to their spring training sites or major-league parks in other parts of the country. The same would apply to spring training 2.0 if the league decides to use mostly home parks as opposed to returning to Florida and Arizona.

    Not all clubs agree they should train in their home parks, believing spring locales offer a less densely populated, more controlled environment.

    • Expanded playoffs similar to the idea first reported by the New York Post in February, with an increase from five to seven teams in each league.

    Under this plan, the team with the best record in each league would receive a bye in the wild-card round and advance to the Division Series. The two other division winners and wild card with the best record would face the bottom three wild cards in a best-of-three wild-card round.

    • Because games, at least initially, will be played without fans, the players would be asked to accept a further reduction in pay, most likely by agreeing to a set percentage of revenues for this season only.

    The idea behind such a plan, from the league’s perspective, would be to protect the players and owners against the economic uncertainty created by the virus.

    The players agreed in March to prorate their salaries in a shortened season. Those salaries cover the regular season only, while postseason shares are based upon gate receipts. If the players agreed to a set percentage of revenue, they also would share any additional national TV money generated during the postseason.

    Without the players making such a concession, league officials say they will spend more on player salaries than they would earn in revenue for every incremental regular-season game played without fans. The union believes the opposite to be true and that postseason TV and other revenue will further enhance the league’s financial position.

    The salary issue remains a source of friction. If the owners say it is not economically feasible to play games without fans, the union almost certainly would ask to see financial proof. The teams do not provide the players with full access to their books.

    A number of other considerations, financial and otherwise, will enter the discussions between players and owners. An expanded roster of as many as 45 to 50 players is expected. The parties also would need to determine medical protocols — for instance, how they would react if a player becomes infected with the virus.

    The final details are to be determined. But a preferred blueprint is in place.


    I think baseball in New York, Boston, and DC this year is going to be pretty risky.


    Worldometers has only 750 deaths reported for today though nation wide.  Sundays are always a lower day though due to less staff.  So we'll have to see what the numbers are for Monday and Tuesday but at least the data seems to be on the downside of this.