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  1. He was a top J2 guy. James Shields was already clearly past his peak and for what a White Sox team to be around .500 instead of rebuilding? Yeah awesome to see a deal get done. Team friendly for sure. But Robert is going to make a lot more money a lot sooner now too.
  2. Kenny Williams has been the worst front office exec I've ever seen in sports. I remember saying I will never respect Kenny Williams unless he wins a World Series back in the '03-'04 time frame. Then sure enough in '05 they catch lightning in a bottle. But the players, Ozzie, and Don Cooper should get the credit for that win not Kenny. But even that '05 World Series run was based around Kenny Williams trading Carlos Lee straight up for Scott Podsednik. More recently Fernando Tatis Jr for James Shields (granted that one is probably more on Rick Hahn than Kenny).
  3. This absolutely helps with people roster dumping.
  4. I need Wentz to outscore Miles Sanders by 15 points in a 6 pt passing TD league.
  5. I will say it here again. Nagy deserves blame but come on now. Trubisky has been bad (not so bad he's not an NFL caliber QB) and Pace is an awful GM. The Raiders wouldn't trade Josh Jacbos straight up for Mack even being in the hunt (and they've got cap space). Sophomore slump for Nagy. It didn't help having what was considered the toughest schedule entering the season and will end up as still one of the hardest schedules at the end of the season. But teams figured Nagy out very quickly. Much of this was due to playing Vic Fangio week 2. So Vic in a little over an offseason's time goes from coaching with Nagy to coaching against him. The entire league saw a defensive genius at work exploiting Mitch and The Bears. That blueprint was out there the entire season. Call me crazy but I'm convinced The Bears offense is leaps and bounds better if they never played Denver. I unlike just about everyone in this forum am pretty convinced Nagy will make adjustments next year. Now The Bears keep falling behind the 8 ball because of all the draft capital Pace traded to move up one pick and draft the completely wrong player. Let alone the 2 first rounders for Mack (Josh Jacobs turned into one of them I'm sure Gruden drafts another high quality player with the even better pick they'll recieve in 2020). Furthermore Pace ships off Jordan Howard (vastly under rated) for a 5th round pick??? Adam Shaheen drafted 45th overall??? I'm all for JUCO guys getting a shot and love the story but that's how dumb Ryan Pace is he doesn't realize that you can just draft these guys in the last round of the draft if not sign them as undrafted free agents. Tarik Cohen the other JUCO guy is the only one who seems to be less intelligent than Ryan Pace. How many times can Cohen come out of a time out and still not know what to do in the play that they just talked about during the time out???? Does anyone remember how hyped the Trey Burton signing was? Yeah over rated for throwing a TD pace to Foles in the Superbowl. But when you pull the dude's stat sheet you'll see he's never been all that productive. Couple in Kyle Long being injured (I guess that's to be expected at this point in his career) and Aikem Hicks (who yeah you guys are now realizing is basically equally as vital to The Bears defense as Khalil Mack). Subtract long time staple Vic Fangio and you've got a lot of things working against you. Just a reality check for most people who seem to have missed it but I profusely tried to explain this last year but Bears fans weren't listening. People who thought Mitch was good in 2018 weren't watching the games they were just watching box scores. So much of Mitch's success was a direct result of Matt Nagy and him having superior schematics. It was hitting wide open receivers against exploited coverage. Go back and look at Mitch's 2018 game log. He really had 3 monster games (and a good game vs NE before Bellichick took over the defense). That being sad, Mitch will get better (I'm sure he plays in some pre season next year, otherwise I'll be on here complaining about Nagy too). I doubt he will ever be a set and forget fantasy QB but chances are Mitch breaks all Cutler's Bears records. Montgomery from the looks of how down everyone is on him is probably a huge sleeper next year.
  6. Did something he rarely does? Penny averages over a yard more a touch than Carson. Penny is a young player who hasn't been given much opportunity. People are down on Chris Carson because of what I was stating over a month ago. The dude fumbles too much and isn't that good to be in much more of a 50/50 role with an electric back like Penny looming in the wings. Chris Carson is not a good pass catching back. Pete has really tried to give Carson opportunities here too and it just hasn't been materializing. Carson is a good pass protection back though so that is what keeps him getting the receptions over Penny. If Penny starts to improve here and learn blocking assignments better you will see Penny's targets go up at the expense of Chris Carson's targets.
  7. There is merit here though, Chris Carson has always been the better pass blocker. Which was one of the factors that made it easier to give him the lion's share of touches. But if Penny can keep closing the gap he will continue to wrestle away touches as the season progresses.
  8. I tend to agree with this the most. Robert if he wants to break camp will have to sign a team friendly deal. Madrigal like said above isn't as likely to demand a superstar contract once he gets through arbitration so that may factor in him being up sooner.
  9. Strange I see Evan White at the top of the milb boards as I just read last night he hit .319 in his last 254 ABs. The ability to hit for average is there the question is will he develop more power and/or "onbaseability"?
  10. CMC fantasy MVP. Biiiig Truuuuust front runner for the actual NFL MVP with Russell Wilson on right behind him (who's gunna put on the better show here on out???!)
  11. Carson is 25 and averages 4.77 yards a touch in his career and 4.60 yards per touch this year. Very solid no doubt. Factor in injury and fumble concerns and it's a little less solid. But Carson is one of the better backs in the league when it comes to not taking negative plays which is his strong suit as a runner. Penny is 23 and averages 5.64 yards per touch in his career and 6.23 yards per touch this year. Yes not as consistent as Carson and also so far seems to be injury prone, a smaller sample size than Carson to prove injury prone but also a smaller sample size on touches as well. But Penny has waaaaay less fumbling issues and chances are has a running style projects to be less injury prone than Carson. So my point here is, Penny has NOT been a disappointment but more so needs more opportunity to prove himself. Yes different running styles but at the end of the day the analytics really say Penny would net more points. Sure you're going to find yourself in more 3rd and long situations throughout the game but that's why you have Russell Wilson and will net more overall yardage with less risk of fumbling. Everyone who argued to the death that Carson was the man and Penny was worthless are now starting to see what I was saying all along a few weeks back. Both of these guys are good so there is no reason Chris Carson who has proven to be injury and fumble prone should be getting the lion's share of carries. Penny will continue to carve out a bigger role in the offense like most 2nd year players have to do. This is nothing that isn't normal regardless of if you are a 1st round draft pick or not.
  12. Pretty sure Carson and Penny are going to be in a 50/50 time share from here on out... With Penny slowly gaining more and more touches game to game.
  13. Yeah we've seen this bias on these boards hardcore all season. They still try to deny Carson's fumbling issues which I'm pretty sure he leads all RBs in fumbles this season as well as over the last two seasons.
  14. As expected Strasburg opts out. Nats didn't exersize their team option on Ryan Zimmerman for 18 million. But did keep Doolittle (6.5 mil) and Eaton (9.5 mil).
  15. He really doesn't ... but fans get butt hurt about stuff like this. It's a bad situation to put players in. The rule should be "until the day after that year's World Series parade" as there is really no reason to push for player options to be picked up that early what's a couple more days make a difference?
  16. I'll gladly follow along and add commentary when I can but unfortunately I would end up holding up the draft too much right now with my schedule. MD2 or MD3 maybe for me though.
  17. The GB% and K% are concerning but that just means he could improve that much more. I remember when McMahon was 21 in AA and he had over a 30% K rate. The next season in 49 games in AA he cut it down to 19% and even lower to 16.9% upon a 71 game AAA promotion that year as a 22 year old. So I'm confident in the kid making adjustments. I would call his first half 14.5% HR/FB rate equally as flukey as his 40.5% 2nd half HR/FB%. His 27% on the season though seems fairly sustainable with how high his hard% is and how low his soft% is as well as Coors Field (I haven't heard of any talks of changing the baseball next season either so that clearly helps). Now a big factor of his hard and soft percentage I feel is his willingness to sell out contact for more power so I expect his hard% to come down and his soft% to go up some once he starts cutting down the strikeouts but overall his numbers will improve from it. Also consider how many ground balls he hit, when he was hitting flyballs in the 2nd half he was really making them count. If McMahon can make an adjustment to hit less ground balls he could see one of the bigger jumps in the league in terms of slugging next year. Hampson could certainly cut into playing time. But both players offer a lot of versatility. Hampson actually played 49 games in the outfield to 50 games at 2B (David Dahl being injured played into this a lot). McMahon played 22 games at 3B and 19 games at 1B, I'm to assume his 1B role should grow even more this year. Also consider Hampson didn't hit well last year in the bigs and his AAA was vastly underwhelming comparing it to the league averages. McMahon had 95 more PAs (all in the MLB) than Hampson did last year (counting 117 AAA PAs) so that's just another edge to McMahon in terms of reps and development. I feel Brendan Rodgers is more concerning for McMahon long term but shouldn't be much of a threat next season upon under going season ending shoulder surgery in July 16 in 2019. Rodgers may not even be ready to get ABs in spring training. I'm 99.9% sure Rodgers starts the season in the minors. With already having McMahon and Hampson and teams holding back prospects there's absolutely no reason to rush Rodgers. Plus it's funny how everyone was hyping out over what Rodgers was doing in AAA last year (only a 160 PAs) because McMahon at 22 was even more impressive in AAA before they started juicing the ball in AAA and this was over 314 PAs.
  18. Wow dang. Players who make it to the World Series should get an extension on these things. But yeah he should be looking at 150 million on this next contract. But now he has to seem like a jerk turning it down right before the parade.
  19. Dang that seems so soon... Let a guy enjoy it a little before having to decide on that player option.
  20. Patrick Corbin is actually 1 day shy of being a full year younger than Strasburg. But they were actually in the same graduating class and got drafted in the same year. Starsburg being on the older end and Corbin being on the younger end.
  21. The Nats saved all that Bryce Harper money so they can afford to pay this guy. He has a player option he can exercise for 4 years 100 million so you'd really have to up that quite a bit to make him stay. I think 150 million would be the minimum. But then again Strasburg's injury prone history may be used against him here?
  22. It just takes time and it depends on the hour in which you post as well. But me personally I'd go with Devin Singletary just because he has by far the most upside and given Frank Gore's age and mileage he is a higher risk for injury than most RBs (or he's just a damn cyborg sent back from the future to be a running back forever?) Jamaal Williams would be my last choice Aaron Jones is full on the bell cow there in GB. WHIR back
  23. I wouldn't trade for Drake just yet... He has a really tough schedule coming up and 2 RBs who could be healthy at any time in Arizona right now. Brees for a 2nd is going to net you the most return I feel. How many players are generally kept? It's hard to gauge if Andrews or Howard are worth a 1st rounder without knowing that. Maybe offer a 3rd and 6th for Brees and Drake? Then it gives you room to counter and eventually accept a 2nd and 4th for Brees and Drake? Honestly though Drake loses a ton of value if he puts up a dude against SF. His next 4 weeks are SF, @TB, @SF, Bye so very rough schedule for a RB with 2 really good RBs on the mend that could be back in the next week or two. WHIR
  24. I'd go for Ekeler and Scary Terry and it's not even close for me. WHIR
  25. I'd go with what you've got in already. Watkins has been fading fast even before Hill came back. WHIR