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  1. Bell is easily the most valuable player in this trade WHIR me back:
  2. Who would you rather have the rest of the season DeVante Parker or Preston Williams? Basically does one of these guys emerge to be Fitzmagic's #1? Or are they both just going to be 50 yards a game the rest of the season? WHIR as always
  3. No Diggs is worth more than Ekeler ... Melvin is getting more than half the touches there right now so Ekeler's value took a big hit as well as Diggs is finally being thrown to. I know average points per game it seems like Ekeler is better because the start of the season was so good for him and so bad for Diggs but going forward Diggs easily outscores Ekeler unless Melvin gets hurt.
  4. This part is laughable. Do you truly feel The Bengals and Redskins have a better offense than The Bears? C'mon now. You're entirely dismissing strength of schedule, game pace, and the fact that Mitch didn't play in the preseason (totally agree terrible move on Nagy's part I think he'll have learned his lesson maybe? I dunno though that's an Andy Reid thing) and on top of it he got injured and missed 2 of the 6 games already. I would say it's fair to say the offense talent of The Bills and The Bears is similar I too would say The Bears a slight edge there. But let's keep in mind The Bills have had their QB not only play in the preseason to get his feet wet but he's been able to play in all of their games not miss nearly 1/3 of the season thus far. Also have you seen The Bills schedule? They've played MIA, CIN, NYG, NYJ, TEN, and NE... New England is a good defense sure but MIA, CIN, and NYG are all in the bottom 5 defenses with The Jets being an average defense and Tennessee is above average at best.
  5. There's no doubt that the offense is under performing and I'm not over here saying Nagy should get coach of the year again. But your last 2 sentences says exactly the point. Is he the worst coach in football? There's a lot of bad coaches in football. So while it's obvious Nagy isn't the worst coach in The NFL I will say I think he is an above average coach. Yeah he lucked into coach of the year through the Khalil Mack trade and Vic Fangio dialing up the defense as well as catching the league by storm with an entirely new schematic system (remember when Marc Trestman did the same thing?) The Redskins are bad yes. The Broncos on the other hand are not as bad as their record would reflect. Easily the most under rated defense in my eyes. Also keep in mind that Fangio is the head coach over there... He knows exactly how to stop that offense and that is another huge reason why The Bears have been under performing Fangio exposed them that early in the season for the rest of the league to see on tape. This fact is vastly over looked and under rated. The Raiders are 3 - 3 so like The Bears they are far from a bottom dweller. So adjustments are going to be required and improvement is going to be needed. Let's see how the rest of the season goes before we start awarding worst coach in football at a .500 team when there are multiple teams with 0 wins and multiple teams with 1 win.
  6. Saints have a pretty tough schedule so far too. But The Bears schedule just continues to get tougher. As of right now The Bears have played 6 games and the Saints have played 7 games their combined opponents win / losses are: Bears: 23 - 18 for a .561 win percentage Saints: 25-22 for a .532 win percentage The Saints do have the tougher schedule in terms of point differential though with The Bears being weighed down by having The Redskins as one of their 6 games so far.
  7. You just assumed an argument instead of reading and trying to understand what I was saying. The Trubisky pick was bad because of two main factors: 1. There were 2 QBs who just about everyone had ranked 1A and 1B, almost every publication had Mitch as the #3 as he had the most question marks coming out of college with the least experience while being a year older. 2. Trading up one pick to take the the by far worst out of the 3. You're basically hanging your hat on it at that point. Could have traded down and got the left over of Mahomes and Watson. Yeah some hindsight here for sure but you had 2 incredible QBs with very nice college resumes that you passed on to take Mitch (who isn't even close). I had the same problem with Jay Cutler... Not that I was ever a big fan of Cutler but I knew it was a terrible trade at the time (trust me I was the 1% in Chicago in that one for years). But calling a bad move by management doesn't automatically mean you think the player involved in that move is worthless or you don't recognize there is talent and/or potential there. Management mistakes are not the player's fault. Mitch didn't draft himself and Jay didn't trade for himself and Chicago is a city that turns on guys for ignorant things like that (I know it's embarrassing see Derrick Rose). Jay Cutler was always an above average QB for The Bears some seasons he was questionably in the top 7-8 discussion? Best QB Chicago has ever seen (which is how sad it's really been for the historic franchise).
  8. I've watched every game. Yeah offense is struggling but a struggling offense doesn't equate to the worst coach in The NFL. Especially when the team is 3-3 with the toughest schedule in the league.
  9. First I don't think Pace should be fired on the fact that Mitch is "so bad" as you put it. I think Mitch will have a fine career. He likely will challenge many of The Bears franchise career records when it's all said and done (cause franchise records is apparently how we determine everyone's value right?). So in the passing era on a franchise that (until Nagy) has pretty much always been run first and run often you're going to say he's the worst coach in the league because there was one game where they ran the least in franchise history? Look it would be nice to run the ball more and yeah there could have been some more timely runs called in that game I'm sure. But The Bears were down that entire game. If it wasn't for the Patterson return they would have pretty much been down 2-3 scores the entire game. They were lucky to go into the half only to be down 2 but they ended up finding themselves down 16 with 3 mins left in the 3rd quarter. The run was extremely ineffective and when you're down 2 scores you can't really keep running the ball anyway. So while I agree it is never going to be ideal to run that little in a football game I also think there are a lot of other factors that you aren't taking into account. Which brings me to my last and main point here, franchise low rushing attempts in one game does not draw a correlative conclusion to Nagy being the worst coach in The NFL.
  10. Do you know how many NFL coaches never win 12 games? And to get doinked out of the Playoffs like that? Anthony Miller isn't completely wasted... It's more that he just wasn't a good pick not the worst but there were far better options in a loaded WR class. Here's how the WR picks went down in 2018: #24 DJ Moore, #26 Calvin Ridley, #40 Courtland Sutton, #44 Dante Pettis, #47 Christian Kirk, #51 Anthony Miller, #61 DJ Chark, #81 Michael Gallup, #91 Tre'Quan Smith. I'm to the point where I'd take any one of those guys over Miller. Chark 10 picks later, Gallup 30 picks later, Tre'Quan 40 picks later!!?!? It just takes me back to the Trubisky pick. How many times does Pace get to complete whiff on the deepest positions of draft classes? I get it if there just wasn't that much talent there, but come on now. You traded up from #3 to #2 to get Mitch when there are 2 QBs who went #10 and #12 both of which are looking like they have a really good shots at the hall of fame so far into their careers. You want to say Ryan Pace is the worst GM in the league? That I can say there's merit there, maybe even agree to it as I've been saying since drafting Trubisky he should be fired when this pick proves to be bad. So couple that with key injuries, losing Fangio, the toughest schedule in The NFL, all in a sophomore season and I'm not sure what you expected? Which brings me to my next point. Pace absolutely cannot evaluate offensive talent. The only thing Pace did right in his time with The Bears was listen to Fangio for the defensive picks. But notice how basically other than Jordan Howard he hasn't hit on a single offensive pick in his career with The Bears. Cohen has been okay but still has all the same limitations (one of the most drops in the league, still looks clueless on a lot of plays) Allen Robinson disappearing more often than not?... ARob is averaging 77.3 yards a game for a sputtering offense who is lead by an inexperienced QB and had a back up play 1/3 of the season so far. Robinson has scored 3 TDs in 6 games. That's far from disappearing. The Bears are 3-3 with a positive differential after all that and you want to say this guy is the worst coach in the league? Not even close my dude. I'm in the Chicagoland area and I've pretty much heard every Matt Nagy post game press conference. The guy is a very bright football mind. Just compare the way he talks about the game to that of a John Fox and you could instantly tell as a rookie Matt Nagy was a brighter more creative mind that John Fox. And I'm not dogging Fox as he had 15 seasons in the NFL as a head coach and Superbowl appearances as a head coach and defensive coordinator. Just trying to shed some perspective on this for all you Nagy haters. There are players in the league older than Matt Nagy. The Bears will continue to improve as Mitch gets more comfortable. Yeah they aren't likely to be a playoff team at this point. So while the team is a mess and the offense really does need to step it up Nagy is still far from the worst coach in the league. Also watch Tanner Gentry tear up the XFL ... All my friends would laugh at me when I said he was better than Anthony Miller and should have been playing over him it was as clear as day to me but hey I don't answer to "draft capital". When Gentry lights up the XFL it'll just be more egg on Pace's face.
  11. Nagy isn't even close to the worst coach in football. He's in his sophomore year with the toughest schedule in all of football. So teams are making adjustments and the better teams make better adjustments and they make them faster. Factor in Mitch not playing in the preseason (yes a dumb move on Nagy's part) as well as the injury causing him to miss basically 2 games so far and he's behind in the learning curve (which he already had limited game experience in college). Factor in Kyle Long's annual vacation to the IR and Hicks being out there are a ton of things working against Nagy and The Bears right now. This is especially compounded by the mood in Chicago is turning on Mitch as people are starting to be upset he isn't Mahomes or Watson (the same people that talked trash to me when I said Pace should have been fired for trading up 1 pick for the #3 QB) The Bears were honestly never in that game last week. New Orleans is a vastly under rated team with an even more under rated defense. So while David Montgomery while he's shown some flashes I will say he isn't even worth rostering in fantasy. No Kyle Long is no good. The Bears need to start drawing up some more creative ways to run anyway. Plus it would be nice if Mitch could read an RPO!!
  12. 8.3 yards a touch is pretty dang good. Granted it's a small sample size and I'm sure some of that was catching defenses off guard. So while it may be a small sample 8.3 yards per touch is a damn strong sample. I wouldn't be surprised if McKissic ends up wrestling the job away from the rookie 6th rounder Ty Johnson who really seems to be just getting first crack because of the recent draft capital used on him.
  13. Double A is fairly good comp. I'd say the average age is younger than that of AA but it's much more highly saturated with top prospects. So the competition may not be as consistent or as steady as AA but The AFL is made up of a higher % of top prospects. The AFL is a very hitter friendly league and there are ton of players who do well hitting or pitching in the AFL and then go on to struggle in AA and AAA the following season. But there also a bunch of players who do well in the AFL and then make the jump to the big leagues and have successful rookie campaigns the following season.
  14. Having QS and not having W drastically destroys relief pitcher value. IP probably is the most fair of the 3 if you're looking at keeping RPs somewhat relevant. As a quality RP can pitch as many innings as a 1 start starter on a given week. Also while you get less overall IP from RPs you tend to get better ratios so there's some give and take there. Whereas teams just racking up the innings are likely going to drop off some in ratios (unless they have absolutely dominant pitching) Holds is going to be the best category to increase the value of RPs. Wrapping into SV+HLDS devalues closers but bumps up other RPs. Having holds it's own category really bumps up middle relievers. If you had holds and IP the good long reliever really becomes relevant.
  15. So my general thought is scoring settings should try to have equal ratio to counting categories or at least some what close. In standard 5x5 counting categories are favored. For hitters it's 4x counting categories to 1x ratio (avg) and with pitchers it is 3x counting categories (W,SV,K) to 2x ratio (ERA, WHIP). I've been really digging and doing a lot of 7x7 (R, RBI, HR, SB, AVG, OBP, SLG x IP, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, K/9) K/9 often is changed with K/BB or even BAA. Also SV+Holds or using Holds to replace K/9 are other formats I've done that seemed to be a lot of fun.
  16. Loving the modified quality start. MQS + W honestly seems like an awesome scoring setting.
  17. While I agree with you it also can become so tedious and time consuming. I used to be such a roto snob as my first experience with fantasy 20 years ago in like 8th grade or so was H2H and I got screwed a few times so I got on that kick (that many are also on) H2H is so luck based and roto is more skill based etc... But over the last probably 5 years or so I've come back around on that and realized both have their fair share of luck and while roto it may offer less parody it isn't void of luck and it doesn't always reward the best team ever. Roto is more about the most balanced team as opposed to the best team. If you lead HRs by double the next team your points are still maxed out. Whereas H2H you could go undefeated in some categories you've dominated and you can build a team around a certain strategy more so than having to "draft the best player available" (which let's be honest is pretty much always the goal lol). That being said my favorite leagues are honestly H2H categories daily lineups. They offer the most strategy in starting players as well this type of league offers the most incentive to trade (more avenues for trading than compared to H2H points or even roto). So I've kind of come around to the realization that H2H is less about "luck" and more about building the best team over the course of the season and then taking that team into the playoffs much like real baseball. Whereas roto a lot of times team can win the roto season but come August on they have one of the worst teams in the league but they just hang on to their commanding lead. H2H also people tend to stay engaged longer than in roto. You fall behind in roto it's a lot harder to make a come back. Same goes for H2H (weekly W-T-L) whereas categories you could win every category for multiple weeks and make up massive amounts of ground.
  18. Yes you end up having to have to track your own and your opponents stats. It's not impossible but a lot of work since platforms don't offer this. Any discrepancy and the commissioner would have to double check the matchup. When I did it was with 6 teams and we redrafted for each series we did not include the wild card games. It was fun but a lot of work but google sheets will make it so much easier. Also we decided against benches and only drafted starters. Lineup was locked in for that series with no free agent adds. So Divisional, League, and World Series. We used a points based system from a keeper league we all were from as most thought roto would be unfair with saves a category the other suggestion was combine holds and saves but ultimately we went with a scoring system as the guy who started the league already had an insane spreadsheet made up to calculate a players score. But come the World Series even in 6 man teams (and redrafting) you end up getting very minimal production out of the bottom half of their lineup as they are all backups. It almost may be better if you did less positions than what we did (9 hitters catcher thru DH). But if you went with just C, MI, CI, OF, DH or something along those lines it makes it so that there are less blank spots as the playoffs get thinner.
  19. Well again the "juiced ball" is going farther on average per flyball so that in theory should bump everyone's FB/HR%. Now changing your swing path and approach at the plate more geared towards launch angel that should certainly should increase FB% I would also think if the adjustments are at least somewhat successful you'd see an uptick in HR/FB% too regardless of the ball. Yandy is interesting for a few reasons to me. First he was traded 3 times in one of my main dynasty leagues (so people are obviously seeing value there). But the FB/HR% increase could be a number of things. Now I will say I haven't read much about Yandy so I don't know what type of adjustments he's been making but it seems that his GB% still was maintained and his FB% increase came more out of his LD% than his GB%. So he's still a 50%+ GB guy so there could be even more room for improvement. So he's just getting a little more lift on the ball which could certainly be swing plane adjustments, maybe he's just getting that much stronger, or matching the plane of the pitch better through having more experience and big league PAs. I will say just on a quick overview I have more faith in the FB/HR% being "real" or maybe the better word here is "repeatable" for 2 main reasons. First being the ball. Second he saw this improvement when he got a somewhat of a downgrade in stadiums. Cleveland was always fairly neutral to slightly favorable in HR ball park factor whereas Tropicana has always been below average.
  20. Yeah that's a great question... Obviously we can't be certain. But I would venture to guess with the way the ball is now everyone is going to see an uptick in FB/HR% just look at Yelich's career marks and compare these last 2 to the rest of his career (a ton of data to compare too) he saw an insane jump in 2018 and while his 2019 % dropped some it only went from 35% to 32.8% so still almost 1/3 of his flyballs were leaving the yard this year. Now also keep in mind Yelich also got a stadium upgrade once traded to The Brewers but his last two season's in FB/HR% has been well over 10% higher than his previous career high let alone career average.
  21. Sutton is a beast. He averages over 10 yards a target, which is better than Michael Thomas, Cooper Kupp, Keenan Allen, Julio Jones, and OBJ. It won't be much longer until Denver realizes Sutton is their best weapon and he sees a good uptick in targets (as well as TDs).
  22. With the juiced ball I think we can expect for almost everyone's HR/FB% to increase. Also young hitters generally start to really develop the power aspect of their game around 26 and 27 years old. Max will be 27 next year. A few other factors to consider. When Max was a rookie his HR/FB% was 15.2% and in his sophomore season it was 12.1%. Also consider that The Twins as an organization and as a team really bought into launch angle last season and there's a reason why everyone's HR/FB% went up in the organization. Mitch Garver's increase implies regression more than Kepler's. Sano's was 36.6% (previous career high was 27.5%) which with the juiced ball I don't think that number goes down a whole lot next year either. As Sano's 36.6% isn't all that far off from similarly profiled hitters Gallo's 37.3% and Judge's 35.1% last year.
  23. This was my exact thought... Well the team who is in first placed ended up grabbing him on Thursday off the waiver wire and is holding him and another kicker right now lol
  24. Both Oliver and Knox seem to be similar players. Haven't really done anything but do have some upside. Knox though has been at least playing this season Oliver could take some time to carve out a role... Or he could hit the ground running?
  25. Lazard was telling Aaron Rodgers what routes he was going to run and Rodgers was hitting him in clutch moments last week. This guy could really climb up the rankings if he ends up being one of Rodger's guys and we have all seen the WRs in Green Bay under perform this year.