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  1. Everyone is gonna pick up kleber over night - I will in the two leagues he's still available, too. But as someone who already had him a bunch for the t-th pseudo b2b, his game does not complement KP that well and this won't be the windfall you might be thinking it is. Still definitely worth a flyer and like I said: for those who are big into the streaming game, the timing couldn't be better, cause tomorrow is basically full and the only team with a game tonight and Thursday are the mavs. Sucks if you don't stream much though, cause a few people in your league do and so all the decent Dallas players were probably already rostered.
  2. I'll just echo what other people have said: As great as Drummond is to us, until he proves he can lead a team to like a top 5 seed (in the East, no less!) he's not deserving of some huge haul. With the right build in fantasy, the guy is absolutely crazy elite, but the NBA isn't fantasy. Look what Favors does for the Pelicans in helping them win. When Ayton went out, look how Baynes fit in and helped them win. Why spend crazy money on Drummond when you could have someone like those two and do just as well?
  3. I find that whether or not my last guy is a streamer has little to do with how good my team is, record wise.
  4. People just don't know the difference between Damion Lee, Damion Jones, and Derrick Jones. I just figured it out like last week.
  5. Nothing against Doumboya (I own him three times; Wood, 0), but how good a player is and the number of posts about them on this forum have no correlation.
  6. I did not drop him anywhere that I own him (almost 40% of my leagues). But it always weirds me out that there's people that don't stream. That **** adds up over time.
  7. That's a huge deal, though. If they get Drummond, they're locked into trying to win with Trae and Drummond as their 1-2, which lots of analysts don't like. Getting Adams is more of just adding a piece. It doesn't lock them into a strategy.
  8. In retrospect, you were ****** either way. Hope you were able to weather the storm.
  9. Sit Graham. You're winning assists, points, and 3% and you're closer in fg%? Say no to Graham
  10. I haven't went to the AC forum in years, so I can understand the frustration. I'd probably at least look at this thread and see what's up, maybe answer. But still, some questions need a lot of info to answer well. For example: What's your league setup? If it's weekly 9 cat, how far ahead and behind are you in each cat? Maybe Grahams fg% is a non issue for you, ya know? Who else do you have? Who else does your opponent have? Maybe lonzos rebounds are critical, but maybe they're not needed cause you're already so far ahead or behind. It's almost like you need to take a pic of your match up page to get great responses.
  11. I sadly agree. I have to decide between today's Levert game or tomorrow's KCP game and it's sad I even have to think about it.
  12. I'm still dropping him tomorrow in basically every league, cause I'm streaming and he's not yet better than a streamer BUT, watching this whole game, I've been impressed. Plays better than his box score, which I know fantasy owners don't give a **** about but will get him minutes, which fantasy owners should. Twice in the last minute he played within himself instead of forcing it and making a dumb error. In neither case did it work out in the long run, but very heady play that should garner him minutes down the line.
  13. Nevermind, it was worth it to stream him if only to be watching the game to see that dunk, f---
  14. I could use a better shooting percentage, but I'll live with the peripherals. Kinda sad, I was hoping for something really great or really bad.
  15. It was used because some tards actually thought he was going to make history. Of course, he didn't, which pretty much anyone could've predicted. When I did it, it made a lot of people very mad, though, and when he kept it up another 2-3 weeks, they actually started thinking it. Of course, he ended at almost exactly the FG% I predicted in November. 😋