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  1. I was curious which defense you'd go with ROS ? GB, CAR, LAR, PIT, TB, HOU, TEN, SEA, JAC Currently I've got DAL against NYJ this week, but with quite a few defense in FA putting up decent points each week, I can't decide which I should roll with ROS.
  2. I'd make those deals, you have decent WR depth and both deal should be a net gain.
  3. Bump, anyone ? Think I was considering Scantling, Golden Tate, or Gallup the most.
  4. With Davante Adams dealing with the toe injury, I was debating dropping a backup RB Duke Johnson or Barber for a FA WR. Not sure how promising you guys think my backup RBs or FA WR options are, so looking for advice. Or I could stay put, rotate Godwin as my WR2 and one of my bench players into my W/R/T slot. Would you drop a backup RB forna WR below ? FA WRs Scantling, Golden Tate, Gallup, Diontae Johnson, Sanu, Beasley, AJ Brown My team QB Ryan WR1 Julio WR2 Davante Adam's RB1 Henry RB2 Sonny TE Witten Flex Godwin K Lambo DEF LAR BN Rivers, Singletary, Duke Johnson, Barber, Fuller, Marquise Brown,
  5. Won my 10 team H2H. Entered playoffs as the 6th place team, beat 1st, 3rd,5th, ranked teams. Had 6th pick in draft and chose Jram. Brutal first half, traded for Gary Sanchez, but after he did most of his damage in first half. Had players injured like Carrasco, Taillon, Judge, Cutch. Got lucky to add players in FAs like Alonso, McNeil, Giolito, Fiers, Soroka, Lynn, Castellanos among notables. Jram was dropped before championship and I picked him up over Rizzo who was also dropped. Turned out to be a great move getting 3 HRs and 8 RBIs from Jram, and nice end to the season. My first round pick who struggled mightily, which I traded then able to scoop back up and have him help me win it all.
  6. Luzardo available ? OAK is using him as a RP and he's been decent so far, might get a couple clean innings with some Ks.
  7. He's got a 4.50 ERA against KC this year and 4.40 career ERA. Also has a 4.65 career ERA at Kauffman stadium. He hasn't been pitching well like you mentioned. Mondesi won't be in the lineup so that helps and Dozier hasn't hit Berriros well at all. True coin flip match up for me. Good luck whichever move you make here heh.
  8. Winning championship 6 to 2, categories R HR RBI SB AVG and W ERA WHIP K SV. I'm currently winning all hitting categories, winning ERA/WHIP, should win SV as opponent has just one closer. I'm losing wins 1 to 4 and have punted Ks. Not confident I can take wins at this point, but I do have much better matchups so it's possible. However I was debating benching my SP in hope's to win ERA and WHIP. I'm winning ERA 2.81 to 4.78 and WHIP .69 to 1.51. The starts both our teams have left are below. Would you bench the rest of my SP and try to ensure I win ERA/WHIP, or roll all my SP out and try to also take or tie Ws ? My starts Manaea at SEA, Fiers at SEA, Nola vs MIA, Soroka at NYM, Lynn vs NYY, Folty at NYM, Hendricks at STL. Opponents starts Plesac at WAS, Clevinger at WAS, Anderson at CIN, Boyd at CHW, Woodruf at COL
  9. In the championship with 1 FA move left to make. Was curious which bat you'd pick up between Hampson (COL) or Sano. My team is below, I've got quite a bit of power but not much speed. The other owner has Mallex, Betts, Biggio, and Laureano who can get him some steals. I lost Mondesi last week, so my only chance for steals are Andrus and Jram if he runs this week, not expecting many SBs from them. Thought about adding Hampson since he's been stealing a bunch lately. Or I could expect to lose steals since he has more speed guys overall and add San, in hopes he gives me a cushion to hopefully win HRs and help win R/RBIs. Given my roster would you add Hampson for some speed I'm desperate for or Sano to double down on power ? My team C darnold 1B Alonso 2B 2B McNeil 3B Suarez SS Andrus OF Judge OF Castellanos OF Grichuk UT Jram UT Hunter Dozier BN Kyle Tucker Hampson- plays 2b/SS/OF which could help. Late in the season a regular could get a day off and he covers 3 positions. He's also been stealing a lot of bases recently, which could help as I've lost Mondesi last week. I've only got Andrus and Jram as guys who could steal and Andrus hasn't done so lately, Jram coming off injury might not run much this last week. Steals will be at a premium for me this week and hard to come by. Sano- he has been hot in September and providing a lot of HRs. He has at KC and at DET this week, neither team has amazing pitching. He hits much better on the road around .270 this year, but has pretty lousy career numbers at Comerica park in DET, his numbers at Kauffman in KC are much better however. I've got quite a bit of power already with Alonso, Suarez, Judge, and guys like Grichuk, Castellanos, chipping in.
  10. Anyone in playoffs think he'll continue to be a difference maker this week ? Going by his minors numbers he shows capable of a good average and top tier speed. Not sure if COL keeps him atop of the lineup or moves him around this week. As far as a keeper he's intriguing. Would be interesting to see over a full season how often they let him run.
  11. He's also gets 3 games against lousy CHW pitching and won't be seeing Giolito of course since he's been shut down. He does have to face Corbin and Max next series at WAS however. I'm hoping he's helpful, but who knows if they give him multiple days off coming off injury.
  12. The names with a K next to them I'd keep, those 13 I'd look to keep. For the last two there are so many decent values depends if you want more bats or pitching. I'd be tempted to keep one of Manaea, Lynn or Domingo for SP, or for bats Stanton, Ohtani, Mancini or Robles.
  13. Looking for some advice on how to tackle pitching for my championship round. Categories are W ERA WHIP SV K, only a 7 minimum inning limit, no max number of starts, h2h. My opponent has more SPs and starts than me with 4 moves left to stream. I only have 1 move left, had some holes to fill so streaming SP isn't really an option. I do have 3 closers and he has just one, so I should win saves. Curious if I should roll out every start I have to chase wins, even know I have less starts I have some good match ups. I probably won't win Ks since he can stream SP. Or I thought maybe I'd skip any sketchy starts like Nola at WAS, try to stick with my safer matchusps to maybe take SVs, ERA, WHIP, punt Ks and hope for the best with wins. If I win saves which I will, I could simply roll out say deGrom vs MIA who would likely pitch a gem and along with innings my closers give me, I could punt W/K, and aim to win SV/ERA/WHIP which is 3 of 5 categories hope I take more on offense to win. He will roll out all 12 starts most likely to try and win as much as he can for pitching. But one good start like deGrom at MIA should win me ERA/WHIP as all the starts he has, his ERA/WHIP will take a hit and he will lose saves with only one closer and no closers to stream. Would you start everyone below or skip some tougher match ups and just go with deGrom/closers ? My starts are Nola at WAS Nola vs MIA Fiers at LAA deGrom vs MIA Lamet vs LAD Soroka at KC Lynn at NYY Folty at NYM Hendricks at PIT Hendricks at STL Manaea at SEA His SPs are Snell, Bieber, Woodruff, Boyd, Clevinger, Plesac, Roark, Odoruzzi, Teheran, plus and SP he streams with his 4 moves left.
  14. I'd probably make the deal. Get Watson is good for your team and Marquise Brown looks like he could have a fantastic rookie season, he's seems like the go to guy in BAL and could be a difference maker this year.