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  1. For .5 PPR, Would you drop Tyler Boyd or Chark for a FA WR ? FA WRs- Watkins, Beasley, Lazard, Corey Davis, Curtis Samuel While Tyler Boyd has been great all year, with Burrows hurt rest of season Boyd might not put up the same numbers. Chark has been disappointing no matter what QB JAX is starting. We start 2 WRs and 1 flex, currently my WRs are Diggs, Lockett, Diontae, Galloday, Chark, Boyd. There are some good WR FA options available for me. Corey Davis has been solid for TEN, Lazard could come back and finish the year strong in GB as could Watkins. Samuel has been very good this season also.
  2. I think I like Pitman, he's been productive and Rivers seems to like going to him. Against TEN there is a potential they could get behind and need to throw a lot which bodes well for Pitman. I'd probably go Godwin as Brady will need throw a lot most likely in this match up and he should have a decent floor to count on.
  3. Tough call if Gurley is hobbled or limited in production if his knee issue lingers throughout the next few weeks. You do have Hill so you'll possibly get a decent uptick in production if Gurley misses more games or is limited once he's back. I don't really like losing RB depth however especially of Gurley's potential. I also don't really feel like Cooper is such a big WR upgrade that it's worth trading Gurley.
  4. For .5 PPR, Which 1 RB would you drop out of Lindsey, Jamal Williams, or Gallman ? This week I want to pick up a DEF as I have BAL vs PIT. Also Mostert and or Galloday might be back next week and I'd need to make a drop anyways. I need to drop one of these RBs to make room. I was debating dropping Lindsey or Jamal Williams, tough call between the two which to drop. Williams gets a few receptions to pad his numbers and gets a big bump in production if Jones gets hurt. Lindsey doesn't hardly gets any receptions, but does get plenty of rushes and often racks up big yardage. Neither can be counted on for TDs, but I can't decide which to drop. Gallman seems to be a keeper with Freeman on IR and he's been good while starting. My team QB- Mahomes WR1- Diggs WR2- Lockett RB1- Henry RB2- Robinson TE- Fant W/R/T- Tyler Boyd K- Sanders DEF- BAL BN- Diontae Johnson, Jared Cook, Chark, Gallman, Lindsay, Jamal Williams IR Mostert, Golladay
  5. Mravin, Meyers, coin flip between Meyers/Chark for the last pick.
  6. Kind of a coin flip for me between Jrob with tough PIT match up or Woods where could be a shoot out with Brady coming off his worst game ever.
  7. Which DEF would you go with ? BAL vs TEN MIN vs DAL IND vs GB I have BAL but obviously is a poor match up with TEN. IND has been great but also has a tough opponent in GB. MIN has lousy DAL but MIN gives up a ton of points and might not necessarily be a better option than BAL or IND.