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  1. Unless... They are in the redzone, Ryan never looks his way down there.. Julio Decoy Jones inside the 20..
  2. 10 team 6 pt td 4 pt passing td 2 pt per 25 yds rushing/receiving 3 pts for 150 passing 2 for every 50 after Drafted 6th auto drafted Dak in the 2nd....fml QB Prescott RB Kamara, Drake WR-TE Godwin, Kittle, Andrews K Butker Bench Wentz Carson, Montgomery rb, Mattison Hardman, waller, roby anderson, van jefferson
  3. im a believer in Godwin, hes the wr that tb12 loves to throw to!
  4. The other part of this trade is what he is gaining. Did i mention we are in the same division? Ha Mahomes Cook Thomas Evans Julio Kelce
  5. Am i actually loosing this trade? Especially if D.Jones comes out much improved this year.
  6. 10 team dynasty league I have an offer of julio and Daniel Jones for Lamar and a 3.06 pick. I need to pull the trigger right? He has Mahomes too, thats why he is even offering. Std scoring, start 1 qb, 2 rb 2 wr, flex, Te, k Current Roster A. Rodgers D. Jones Kamara Mixon Eckler Penny Julio Hopkins Godwin Robinson Hardman Thanks
  7. ^ What he said. Coming from a Bears fan.
  8. Im trailing buy a wide margin thanks to Jackson & Ingram. Who do i play? Im leaning Fitz.. Rodgers Trubisky Fitspatrick Goff
  9. Faced Jackson 1 league, jackson and Ingram in another... fun while it lasted!
  10. How many people saw Sanders taking a back seat to Boston Scott this week??
  11. No doubt them garbage pts might hurt a few of us monday night
  12. Possibly, but also allows the saints safties to play closer to the line of scrimmage.
  13. Hes a big julio fan...offer him instead? I mean this guy is matt ryans decoy in the redzone!