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  1. Thanks! It is a 14 team H2H where we use QS instead of wins and OPS instead of average... We do use a MI slot, I have Atulve, Story and DeJong up the middle. We have 10player MiLB rosters where I don't have any MI...
  2. @brockpapersizer @FouLLine @TheTruth024 @Coach George @Tryptamine @ST. STEVEN @ChicksDigTheOPS @hailfire4 Hi fellas, if you have any input on the above would be grateful.. Also available: Alex Canario I'm about to trade Lux, Puk and Riley to acquire Bieber and can add two prospects to replace Lux and Puk...I've already penciled in Alex Manoah to replace Puk and am looking to add a bat to replace Lux. Any suggestions appreciated, thx!
  3. How would you rank these prospects for fantasy purposes in a dynasty league: Dalbec Paredes Rocchio LRod (dodgers) Heriberto Hernandez Thx
  4. He will do the deal if I add Riley So Bieber for Lux, Puk and Riley Trading Riley means I have to play Edman at 3B all season... My rotation would be: Mad Max, Kershaw, Bieber, Montas, Ray, Price, Tanaka, Keuchel (with Sale out with TJ)
  5. Puk already had TJ, so that risk is mitigated more than someone who hasn't yet. Also he looked good out of the bullpen last year...
  6. If Lux goes on to got 300 20-100-15 as a 22yr old would that change your opinion?
  7. Mallex was drafted but Dyson is available. You'd drop Hillard for Dyson?
  8. Dynasty. Who wins or is it even
  9. Thanks for the great feedback! I did leave MI a bit late, Cesar Hernandez, while not sexy, seems like he will be solid leading off for CLE this year...he helps a little in every category. Would you keep Madigral over him? Luzardo went two picks before mine in the first round of our draft, Lament went next at pick 135 ( I took Wheeler 6 picks later), Urias went pick 150, three picks ahead of Mr. Rodeo, May went 9 picks after I took Puk... Will definitely look to upgrade MI when possible, usually someone comes out of nowhere...though am interested if you think I should keep Madigral over Bohm (targeting Kelenic as a 2021 keeper for me)... Thx again!
  10. Bumping to solicit comments on my pitching staff...competitive enough to finish in top 25% in a 6 category Roto using the standard categories plus IP? Note: have a waiver claim in for Spencer Howard dropping Madigral
  11. We keep 9 players every year and I traded away my first round pick in this draft. Having only kept Snell I drafted pitchers with my first 10 did I do? 1. (4) Mookie Betts  (LAD - CF,RF) 2. (21) Alex Bregman  (Hou - 3B,SS) 3. (28) Juan Soto  (Was - LF) 4. (45) Freddie Freeman  (Atl - 1B) 5. (52) Vladimir Guerrero Jr.  (Tor - 3B) 6. (69) Eugenio Suárez  (Cin - 3B) 7. (76) Ketel Marte  (Ari - 2B,SS,CF) 8. (93) Luis Robert  (CWS - CF) 9. (100) Blake Snell  (TB - SP) 10. (121) Brandon Woodruff (Mil - SP) 11. (132) Kenley Jansen (LAD - RP) 12. (141) Zack Wheeler (Phi - SP) 13. (153) Madison Bumgarner (Ari - SP) 14. (161) Raisel Iglesias (Cin - RP) 15. (172) Lance Lynn (Tex - SP) 16. (189) Robbie Ray (Ari - SP) 17. (196) Carlos Carrasco (Cle - SP,RP) 18. (209) Joe Jiménez (Det - RP) 19. (213) A.J. Puk (Oak - RP) 20. (220) Adam Eaton (Was - LF,RF) 21. (237) Andrew McCutchen (Phi - LF,CF) 22. (261) Sam Hilliard (Col - CF) 23. (268) Avisaíl García (Mil - CF,RF) 24. (269) Wilson Ramos (NYM - C) 25. (274) César Hernández (Cle - 2B) 26. (285) Nick Madrigal (CWS - 2B,SS) 27. (292) Alec Bohm (Phi - 3B) 28. (293) Jarred Kelenic (Sea - CF)
  12. Hope you are right but I'll take the under...
  13. Might be a while until we can answer that question....
  14. Well mainly because it means that the WHO, etc. anticipates that it still won't be safe for large groups of people to congregate given that we don't have a vaccine yet...