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  1. This is a 10 team Superflex/Devy Dynasty with TE Premium(1.5 PPR) I am tied for last place and the 1st place team really wants Zeke He has offered Taylor/Hockenson/2021 2nd Rd Pick For Zeke I haven't bitten yet because I have Engram and Hurst at TE and I still think Zeke is/can be elite. So I'd really only be upgrading at TE at the cost of Zeke. I don't value the pick very much. We all have 3 devy picks so there are already 30 college players on our rosters. That 2nd RD pick is a real crapshoot as it would also be a late pick. He asked me what it would take and also said Mike Evans is available. Not sure I need another WR though either. My counter is going to be: Zeke/Hurst for Taylor/Evans/Hockenson Current starting lineup if healthy is: QB- D.WATSON RB - ZEKE RB - BARKLEY WR - METCALF WR - CLAYPOOL TE - ENGRAM W/R/T - HURST W/R/T - BOYD W/R/T - PITTMAN W/R/T/Q - BRADY It would look like this next year: QB- D.WATSON RB - TAYLOR RB - BARKLEY WR - METCALF WR - CLAYPOOL TE - ENGRAM W/R/T - HOCKENSON W/R/T - EVANS W/R/T - PITTMAN/BOYD W/R/T/Q - FIELDS Opinions? Stay put or give it a go?