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  1. Waller or Kittle? Josh Allen or Kyler Murray? OBJ or Pascal
  2. I was referring to his swing not the player in general
  3. Kind of reminds me a little bit of Cargo
  4. Senzel...Yordan.....Brantley.....Mercado Roto Rosters lock for 2 weeks
  5. Was offered Gleyber for Domingo. Currently have Semien as my SS. Do I take this?
  6. Thats a good start anyway. Thanks
  7. Looks like the offense is set so I would choose 1 of the pitchers
  8. Our league uses a weird rule where the guy has to play his position that you have him starting at for atleast a 1/3 of an inning for each 2 week period. Does anyone know of any site or anything for that matter that would be easier then checking every box score for that 2 week stretch? TIA
  9. Im in the same boat....up 14 with both and can start either. Opponent has kamara....I currently starting Samuels
  10. Up 14 opponent has Kamara......I have samuels in but also have Ingram. Which is the better play?
  11. Goff or Cousins? Down 17. Have Big Z also
  12. I have cousins and goff. Looking at OBJ for either 1. Owner has thielen. Who's the better option to keep?