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  1. 2 dollars, 2 sandwiches and a kosher pickle
  2. Great matchup overdue for big game I think, I will take the bait once again
  3. Cooks, this matchup seems perfect for a bounce back
  4. Considering it...not that I am sold on him but with my only other option being Hockamania, I just may take a chance on Graham getting some volume
  5. I just took the plunge. Talent and past performance have a way of working their wy out by season's end
  6. This is a great week to smell what Brandin is Cooks-ing. Ideal defense to exploit with a speedster deep on a injury riddled, slow defensive backfield. Put me down for 100+ with a TD
  7. That is the beauty of such a comment, i double my chances of being right
  8. I am betting on Hockamania so that means it will likely be OJ Howard
  9. I went Gay from week 1 and I haven't regretted it yet
  10. Threw in the guys are welcome as this should be the trigger that gets him started. Lately, I am like William H. Macey in The Cooler
  11. MVS, Rodgers needs to throw the ball to somebody, I don't envision Aaron Jones going off for 4 td this week
  12. Excitedly streaming the Skins defense. Rosen is usually good for a couple of gifts per game. Add in the garbage o-line, etc...
  13. Good hold, Shady is running near empty in the tank and Damien Who? Opportunities should be coming around the corner
  14. Why don't the Jags trade Ramsey for OJ and a couple of picks? TB has Brate and no use for a receiving TE but could truly use an upgrade on its cornerbacks. Jags have crap at TE and their young QB could benefit from a freak like OJ.
  15. I will join you in the minority in regards to Penny's value. Tonight could be a showcase opportunity with Carson coming off a heavy load just 4 days ago.