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  1. I traded Bryant for Thor in a Dynasty league this week, you take the pitching when you can. I have Cole, Thor and Buehler to anchor the staff, having Sale, deGrom, CMart and Buehler is the way to go. Bats are easier to find than elite pitching.
  2. This. If you own him, you start him until he has back to back bad starts. At that point you consider sitting him for the next start.
  3. It was 5, I thought I saw 6. I fixed it. The big thing with him is getting innings under his belt.
  4. Not sure about redraft leagues, but I LOVE this outing as a Dynasty owner. The big thing is he threw 5 innings, everything else is icing on the cake with the Ks and BB. He will have growing pains but man this kid could be good.
  5. I think those are great expectations. He isn't leaving my minor leagues just yet, I expect him to make a start or two then be sent back down. I'm going to go with 4IP 2 ER 1 BB and 5 Ks
  6. He was sitting at 91-93, he simply can't live in the zone throwing that hard.
  7. If he stays healthy I don't believe this will be the case. While I think his small sample size last year and this spring is unrealistic to maintain with above 10 K9, he could settle into a nice 9 K9 with a decent walk rate that won't kill you.
  8. If he continues from last season, that isn't outlandish.
  9. Flip a coin, between Buehler and Giolito.
  10. You sure you can't find a way to keep Giolito, Buehler and Honeywell? Newcomb and Lopez aren't scrubs either.
  11. You drop anyone but Newcomb ans Robles for him.
  12. You take Manny over Rendon, without even thinking twice. Manny had a down year last year and still mashed. Plus he is younger than Rendon.