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  1. Mahle for Avisail is ok to do Other options don't seem very tempting
  2. Should I move Beni for Paddack? Keep forever league...can keep 6 hitters/1sp 6x6 league (XBH/QS) Current team: Astudillo 1b-Voit 2b-Torres SS-Correa 3B-Devers OF-Trout/Soto/Beni UTL-Vlad Bench Bats- Conforto/Franmil/Lowe SP-Wheeler/Smith/Odorizzi/Price/Perez/Arrieta/Canning/Urias Sp is struggling
  3. Keeper forever league..have been offered Snell or Soto+small pick upgrade.. Trade one for Springer? Or hold
  4. Seems fine to me! Closers are close-Marte is a good buy low.
  5. Been offered Degrom, Buehler or Snell for my Springer Keep forever league..take one? Or just hold My pitching has been bad, can keep up to 6 hitters. Plan to keep: Vlad/Devers/Correa/Trout/Torres/Ben or Conforto Need to keep 1 sp..no obvious sp keeper as of now