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  1. why are all the rankings so down on him this year? 20 year old reached AAA and a 165:54 K:BB rate in only 111 innings. Sure, hes small and struggled in AAA a bit but he's 20! He was a shiny new toy not long ago. I have him on all my teams as a prospect... am I missing something here that perhaps I should drop for someone higher ranked??
  2. 12 teamer, no flex, starters are shown. probably finishing 7-7 in my division where the winner will walk in with an 8-6 record. 3 division winners, 1 wild card playoff setup. mahomes and saquon were keepers
  3. i see the upside to be a #5 SP in the right situation, but moreso I see a ML contract and invite to spring training on a club with money (WASH, BOS, NYY, NYM, ATL, LAD) and thrown into middle relief purgatory. it really depends on the landing spot. ill be watching
  4. i have Mahomes and Hunter Henry.. He has Kelce and Hardeman im up by 8 going in so how bout a few TD's to Hill in a shootout Too much to ask?
  5. need 2 RB of these 3: Barkley @ DET Edmonds @ NO L Murray vs ARI im assuming barkley is a lock and load RB 1, right? need to start 2 though. WHIR thanks
  6. as long as mclaurin is active i am starting him on my own team
  7. no flex... need to decide on a 2nd RB. seem to be positives and negatives for both. standard scoring, no points per carry or reception. im torn. thanks in advance
  8. quick glance: Adley too high, i think.. Gilbert, Deivi and Luciano too low. And where is Valera? Huge overlook there