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  1. The two biggest difference makers that carried me through the semi final and championship were DeAndre Hopkins & Zack Ertz.
  2. 14 team PPR League. QB: Andrew Luck RB: Nick Chubb RB/WR: Elijah McGuire WR: DeAndre Hopkins WR/TE: Courtland Sutton TE: Zach Ertz DST: Patriots K: Mason Crosby Bench: Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr, Michael Gallup, Kenneth Dixon, Dion Lewis, Ravens D/ST
  3. All you have to do is look at the big picture, a picture that doesn't include your fantasy team, then not playing Gurley makes a lot of sense. Good luck.
  4. Not sure why the Rams would even play Gurley, i wouldn't. They certainly don't need him to beat AZ, but the team would benefit greatly is he's at or near 100% come playoff time.
  5. Hard to trust any Dolphin, roles seem to change on a weekly basis.
  6. I always remember not to draft any RB on a team with a running QB. Served me well.
  7. Seems to me Patrick (2nd or 3Rd year player) has more experience & talent. He did all his damage last week as Denver's leading WR against Sherman. Elway should hire a real GM and stand aside. Whether a QB reach, R Freeman, or Sutton, he's mulligans high draft picks at an alarming rate.
  8. Seems to me he is used more as a decoy to open things up for Lindsay. Unfortunatel Keenam just isn't a good deep ball passer.
  9. How crazy am i? I thought he had a good chance to finish as #1 WR in FF. I didn't figure Barclay would eat as much as he has, or Eli being 98% cooked.
  10. The Jets are a dumpster fire, I guess that's why I feel Dixon is the better play this week. Dixion will get most of the red zone looks vs a bad TB defense. While Mcguire has a tough match up and may end up splitting touches at closer to the 50% rate the Jets have used most of the season because that is what Boles believes in.
  11. Houston shut down Dion Lewis to the tune of 7 rushes for 8 yards and 7 receptions for 33 yards. That was in Houston, but might be what to expect from Mcguire's output with about 20 run yards added & minus about 3 receptions to Cannon.
  12. I thought diva's were always soft? Getting paid certainly didn't toughen him up. On the other hand deep tissue thigh briuses take weeks to heal, & I never expected him to return this season. My only gripe would be if he didn't wear thigh pads because they don't look fly, and sustained a more serious injury.
  13. Best to avoid all 3. Sutton has struggled since the DT trade and getting covered by opposing teams #1 & 2 CBs. Sutton has the most upside, but lowest floor of Denver's remaining WRs.
  14. Because Thursday practice for a Saturday game is the same as Friday practice for a Sunday game. The writer made a typo.