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  1. My team is in my signature. I have Zeke, Cook, and Freeman. Do I use the #1 WW for Gallman? I would prob try and trade him to the Barkley owner.
  2. Yes easily do it. Freeman is a 2nd round pick and didn't do much today because ATL was down early. Moore could put up similar numbers to Edelman with so many WR to throw the ball to in NE.
  3. In my draft last night, Chubb went pick 25. 4 would be unheard of. Go Zeke and get Pollard in round 7.
  4. In my very competitive league, non-ppr, I took Cook at the end of round 2, pick 21, and Chubb was taken at the turn at pick 24. Kelce was taken at 22. It happens. Chubb might not be a big factor after week 8, and Cook has been all hype so far but injury prone.
  5. I grabbed Pollard in round 7 because I didn’t really see any other guys I wanted. I could have gotten Landry, Ridley, or Mike Williams, or went TE for Howard or Hunter. But couldn’t risk Pollard getting taken when I had 17 picks until my next one.
  6. I actually passed on Kelce to grab Cook at the end of round 2. Hilton was my only regret at the end of round 4. I could have taken Golladay or my fav Lockett instead. I got Kupp at the end of round 6. Thanks.
  7. I rank Gurley right after the top 4 RBs. He's up there with Bell for me. Better than DJ. Keep him. Help me:
  8. Very nice team. Great starters and great WR depth. RB depth after the top 2 are awful. Trade some WR depth for RB depth. Help with mine:
  9. Def grab Freeman. He can have a year similar to Gordon and at least we know he's playing. Help with mine:
  10. Very good team. Trubisky could be a decent QB if he takes a big step forward but we'll see. That's the only area of need for you. Help with mine.
  11. I'd do it. Coleman won't even play much in SF and Cooper is hurt. Thomas is a stud. Help with mine.
  12. Lacking at WR but I like Boyd. If Gordon doesn't come back... not good. Check out mine below
  13. QB- Deshaun Watson RB- Ezekiel Elliott, Dalvin Cook WR- T.Y. Hilton, Cooper Kupp TE- Trey Burton FLEX- Devonta Freeman D- Bills K- Harrison Butker Bench- Tony Pollard, Matt Breida, Adrian Peterson, Dede Westbrook, Michael Gallup, Donte Moncrief, Ravens
  14. I got Hopkins 1.12 and then took Melvin Gordon 2.1. I had to take them once they fell to me, but not getting 2 RBs early really hurts. There are really good WR in rounds 3-6. No RBs. I have Barber as my #2 back.