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  1. AK is dressing tomorrow, the Saints never replaced Zenner on the depth chart. Only time will tell how much each RB will play, though.
  2. The Saints never brought another RB in after waiving Zenner. AK is absolutely dressing tomorrow, the only question is what kind of work load he'll get.
  3. The Chargers aren't resigning him, he's not even their best RB. It will be interesting to see where he's traded to this week.
  4. I dropped this bum in my 10-teamer today once I came to the realization that I was never going to have the confidence to start him. I'm sure he'll be somebody's else's problem soon.
  5. For whatever reason, I'm not convinced he can pass a physical... hence the lack of an attempt to trade him. I wanted Gordon to be the player we once saw several years ago, but that player is long gone.
  6. It seemed to me like he had a hard time getting separation and looked more like a tight end out there. To be honest, half the plays he was praised for were blocks, right? It's a shame this has happened because he still had a role in the league, but WR1 wasn't it.
  7. Probably rolling him out again in my championship game, but certainly the weakest link by a country mile. I've had a fantasy football love affair with Gordon for YEARS, but it's over. Not the guy he once was and could easily fall into (remain in?) JAG territory depending on next year's situation. Wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole in NE.
  8. Sheesh, nobody is taking anything away from the Pats’ or Brady’s past accomplishments lol. I’m a Michigan grad, had student tickets for several years. Brady was our QB. I’m 40 years old and not nearly as limber now as back then. And neither is Brady. It’s just reality. All the credit in the world for maintaining such a high level of play for so long, but it doesn’t last forever.
  9. I was a week early in my hype here. Doh! Keep an eye on the Conner situation this week, Samuels could be a really nice TE streamer where eligible.
  10. I could easily see the entire house of cards in NE collapsing in a couple of months. Brady got old, Gronk can't stay on the field, Jimmy G traded. Sony Michel is a nice, young player... but really who else is waiting in the wings? The trade for Flash was an obvious grasp to maintain superiority. Not sure it's going to work, though. At this point there's literally 20 other QBs I'd rather see Gordon paired with.
  11. I own Gordon in all three of my leagues and byes have dictated I roll him out this weekend... but I've really learned to temper my enthusiasm here. He isn't 2013's Gordon, and he isn't playing in 2013's situation either where he was the man. On a good day he's behind just Gronk, Edelman, & White... and I'm not convinced Brady is still a guy who can support a weekly 100 yard 2 TD receiver like the Moss days. Let's be honest - we're all hoping for that - but really we've got the Pats' #4-5 guy.
  12. He was an elite TE in college (lead the position in YACs in 2017,) and the Steelers drafted him as a 'jack-of-all-trades' kind of a guy, but he's always been in the RB column on their depth chart.
  13. Byemageddon has hit and none of the TE's on the stripped wire in my 12-teamer tickled my fancy. Intrigued by Samuels' duel RB/TE eligibility on Yahoo, I picked him up and put him in. We'll be seeing a little more of Samuels in the backfield, Ridley is no bueno. If you're looking to spice up your Sunday with a random dart throw at TE, well there you go...
  14. I don't want to sound like I'm coming down too hard on the guy, but his ceiling in PPR is a legit 16-18 at most. He's a 10-12 point guy, really.