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  1. If you factor in a high BB% and low K%, Wander gets a nice boost in points leagues. The BBs and Ks would have zero impact in a traditional 5 x 5.
  2. He's a best Juan Soto, who has shown the bolded above, but at the MLB level, with a bit less power and more speed. Of course I'd take that all day long.
  3. Dismiss him at your own peril.
  4. Two TJSs sounds like reliever material.
  5. Eddie Mathews. I had a scrap book with every news clipping I could find of Mathews.
  6. Hence an ADP around 400,,,,,,,,,,,,,and if you're wrong.
  7. This guy is 24 years old and played well underaged at every minor level. He saw his first MLB action at age 20. Sure his K/BB %s are alarming, but not every one can have Juan Soto plate discipline. Given Mondesi's age and development path I would expect some refinement of his plate skills. He's still learning on the fly.
  8. The biggest Mariner mistake was signing Josh Fields, RP. He was drafted 20th by GM Bill Bavasi in 2008. As a Boras client he refused to sign. Bavasi was eventually fired and replaced by GM Jack Zduriencik. After much debate Zduriencik re-opened negotiations with Fields and signed him in Feb of 2009. Had they not have signed him, the Ms would have received the 2009 21st pick as compensation. Though out the spring the Ms scouting department became enamored with a kid name Mike Trout. They had the number 2 pick in the draft, but as much as they liked Trout, they had to select Ackley, who was the industry consensus #2 pick after Strasburg. Trout, of course, was taken with the 25th pick. If only Zduriencik had not signed Josh Fields...........
  9. Phan will likely get slightly less playing time in SD. His days off will be on the bench instead of at DH (21 games started last year at DH)
  10. As a dynasty owner, I'm a bit relieved with Villar's landing spot. I'm less concerned with park factors and more concerned with playing time. Barring a total relapse on Villar's part, the Marlins offer a full time gig.
  11. Because "he is highly talented and cheap" TB can get a very nice return. If they can plug in Brate without any significant loss and if they can get a very useful piece elsewhere why not trade him.
  12. I expect Penny to get 35-50% of the touches tonight. I've heard he could have played Sunday, but they choose to keep him inactive. It was only 4 days ago that Carson brought his lunch pail to the game and accrued a workhorse 26 touches. The coaching staff recognized that they had an important game with the Rams only 4 days later and choose to make Penny inactive so that he'd have fresh legs for Rams. At this stage Carson is clearly the better back, but expect to see Penny and his fresh legs a lot in this particular game.
  13. I'm not a MGIII fan. I believe the Ekeler/Jackson duo will be very effective in the first half of the season. Having said that the NFL season is a grind with every so called healthy player feeling aches and pains. If Gordon shows up midseason, I believe he'll win fantasy championships with his fresh legs going against tired defenders with nagging injuries. CJ Anderson looked like an all pro after replacing Gurley last year. Fresh legs and slightly lesser talent wins the race every day. In Gordons case we are talking above average talent with fresh legs. If you can get him cheap and have room to stash........