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  1. Playing a big man with foot issues 38 minutes on Monday when he had possible issues just the past Saturday. lol the Kings
  2. For some reason people are scared of Oladipo returning. Brogdon will get more high quality catch and shoot opportunities and assist opportunities. Not worried about Oladipo whatsoever.
  3. Delon wright, DFS, Curry, Brunson are all quality adds for today. I'm down in most my matchups and getting some quality games in during these days could be the difference.
  4. OG is also very passive and limited in his skillset. I'd stream the spots in 10's and 12's.
  5. Ayton is providing way more than I expected. I was ecstatic about 16/12 and he's avging 19/12 in Jan
  6. 74 pts hoooooooooooooly. What is a 'sell high'?
  7. Looks like KAT sitting as long as he did is paying off for us owners. He's looking spry and motivated. He even limited his TO's last game. He can only get better from here!
  8. He keeps getting cleared and keeps hurting his hammy. The same with Conley. The issue is some guys come too early from injuries that require lengthier absences. And every other guy online agrees. Thanks so much.
  9. Bet you King fans wish Bogdan took more time rehabbing his hammy. He's out every other week.
  10. I want my guys to be healthy for the stretch run to earn a bye. Losing a few weeks in December and January mean nothing in the grand run. What is wrong with that?
  11. Sloppy with the ball, bad FT's, next to no defensive stats. He just isn't good.
  12. Holmes can take as much time as he needs. All he's done is show up for us all season. For sure.