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  1. Just get Claypool out of here without a catastrophic injury
  2. thoughts on denzel mims? i was excited with it looking like lawrence was coming to town with fields, i don't know what to think
  3. Mike Williams is a bum I’m not even in the playoffs but still... dude is a waste of talent His best play today was on defense 😆
  4. if he gets traded to a team where he's the only pass catcher with hands
  5. Further proof fantasy fb is nothin but a game of dumb luck
  6. as a Mims dynasty owner I am sick looking at this score
  7. yea dynasty stash only but i will immediately drop if the jets eff this up and fail to lose enough to get lawrence
  8. getting claypool vibes from him or maybe it's because they're both #11 🤔
  9. i'm honestly worried about his dynasty prospects considering the bears havent had a QB since...
  10. Murray is the reason no one in my dynasty league will trade with me no matter how much I overpay so much salt
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