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  1. Chubb and Ekeler on IR, and had to start Freeman who has put me way behind. I'm figuring Williams is the obvious choice... would anyone start McKinnon instead, especially given Shan's recent comments of McKinnon's legs not being "fresh"?
  2. 2-0-1 tied for first in division. With Mostert coming back soon, would now be a good time to sell McKinnon high for Kelley? I would only have Chubb and Freeman as my other RBs in this scenario, so would be forced to start Freeman in LAC's bye. Not the 1A/1B in LA that many thought it might be initially, but having insurance in a high-powered offense seems desirable, and Kelley might be just as flex-able as McKinnon down the road. My skill positions: Chubb Ekelert McKinnon Freeman Lockett Metcalf Fuller Watkins Cooks Gesicki Team I would be proposing trade has Kamara and Taylor, with Kelley as only backup (Coleman on IR). Thoughts?
  3. Fuller with an apparent hammy but no injury designation. McKinnon might have backfield to himself with an early lead on the giants, or Shanny might platoon. Leaning Cooks but thinking the others might blow up. Who would you start?
  4. Started him over Lindsay. Good thing I had already clinched a playoff spot.
  5. I head into the playoffs with Fournette, Conner, Lindsay, Ekeler, Brieda, and Ware. Conner is a lock and LF out this week. No freaking idea which other 2 to play this week. I guess I'm going to play Ware against OAK, and my gut says slot Lindsay 3rd. But Pit plays the Chargers so probably will play Ekeler over Lindsay since it will be more entertaining to watch with both starting RBs in the game.
  6. I grabbed Ware yesterday bc I had a free spot after streaming a kicker for Zeurlein. Now I head into the playoffs with Fournette, Conner, Lindsay, Ekeler, Brieda, and Ware. Have no idea which 3 I'm NOT going to play each week. Conner is a lock, and Fournette as well next week on. I'm thinking Conner and Lindsay this week, but that 3rd spot between Ekeler and Ware... I have no idea what to do.
  7. Watson at home vs Baker? Could be a shootout. But Watson not throwing a ton of balls. Jackson on the road in Atlanta. Another potential high scoring game. 5 point passing TDs. 1 pt/10 yds rushing.
  8. Yeah not working out well so far. Golladay has bottomed out the past couple weeks with Stafford bombing. MVS seemed a safer floor.
  9. Fitz airing it out big time, but to both teams. Watson's line is bad, but 40 or 50 yards rushing is the same as another 100+ yards passing. Who would you go with?
  10. Starting MVS over Boyd, Golladay, and Sutton. His floor seems safer. Plus gives me a reason to watch tonight.
  11. You have to wonder what Bell's agent is advising. I'm guessing they were planning for him to report at some point. I wonder if they were waiting for Conner to falter and him to swoop in. Now he's in a conundrum where if he starts putting up bad games while Conner outperforms him, it hurts his negotiations next year. I bet Bell's agent is not happy about Conner's success. Looking more like the smart move is to just sit out the entire season and hope the Steelers aren't petty enough to tag him again.
  12. No idea why I thought Denver was playing Miami. That's what I get for whipping out my phone during breakfast. Put Sutton in. Maybe a mistake but can't afford last-minute downgrade of Gordon tonight.
  13. Same situation. Not really considering Ekeler, but really on the fence on Gordon vs Sutton. Gordon on is late game, so can't really afford for last-minute hamstring setback or snap count. But the Miami field is an absolute mess today, tempering my expectation with Sutton.
  14. Dropped him for Doyle, since I'm guessing Doyle will be snagged after his bye and TE is my only weak spot. Would be hard to start Smallwood reliably so he's bench fodder in 12-teams or smaller.
  15. Standard, I'm not sure. He's a Coleman-type back in the sense that he's a backup who is still flex-able because of his role in the passing game. But that is more PPR. RB is pretty bad in most leagues, so unless you want a real lottery ticket like Malcolm Brown or similar, he's probably as good as you can get.