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  1. i really think this would have been much ado about nothing - except for the very end of the video. that kick.... even if it was just a light kick... was just wrong. Woman is crouched down on the ground, not being aggressive at that point in the least and possibly in some sort of pain after just being knocked into a wall (by accident from what I can tell), and he just walks up and casually kicks her. at the very least that is really poor judgment on his part. he's toast for at least a few games. wouldn't shock me if it was the rest of the season plus playoffs.
  2. did collins fumble again or something? why aren't they giving him the ball?
  3. Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com reports: It won't be clear until after practice how much Collins was able to do, but he was spotted running "without favoring either foot" and apparently doing some Irish dancing before practice, so his foot is seemingly feeling pretty good
  4. always amazes me that AJ disappears in the second half of almost every game. They are down huge, and yet they stop throwing to their best weapon? sigh
  5. he had 17 touches on 42 total plays? That's pretty damn good.
  6. hopefully hilton is back soon to stretch the field even more...
  7. His ADP, at least by the time the late summer drafts occurred, was mid 3rd round. If you got him in the 4th, at least in late drafts, you were lucky (or at least, you thought so at the time).
  8. He had 90 total yards on 12 touches, got a GL chance, was involved in the passing game, and was clearly the better rusher. I'm not exactly happy with the first two weeks given his ADP, but he's not a bust yet. I still have hope that he will put up solid RB2 numbers this year, and in fact if I didn't already have him I would probably try to buy low on him...
  9. Is it the same calf even? Sounds pretty minor in any case. My pick just came up end of the second round (16 team league, pick 31) couldn't believe he was still available so I grabbed him.
  10. Huh? He's the #11 RB in my league for the year, he's no POS.