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  1. Agreed, I wouldn't drop him if I owned him. But at the same time it's not impossible that Week 14 rolls around and they mention they're going to ease him back into his role. If that's the case you're probably not playing him on limited snaps Week 14, and so in that scenario you only have him Week 15/16, and if he plays poorly Week 14 you might not play him Week 15 either so you're burning a spot for 5 weeks for 1 start. Again, not saying that's going to happen for sure but it's not out of the realm of possibilities.
  2. Yeah but the term itself is a bit misused, most people saying floor/ceiling are really ballparking a range of what's realistically likely within a standard deviation or two. Tyler Lockett for example technically has a ceiling of at least 15/200/3 since he's done it before, but it becomes kind of meaningless if you use the term that way because otherwise everyone's floor/ceiling is 0 ≤ x < ∞.
  3. He actually died about a month ago. Dragon, Baby, and Taylor are all just pulling an elaborate weekend at Bernie's on us.
  4. Haha I haven't since like 2010, so I may have just been "wooshed" there.
  5. I agree MT has a decent chance of a good game, but the guy is the 131st WR in average points per game played (so not even factoring in his missed games). It's a small sample size sure, but six weeks of 0's and three weeks of WR10 performances (and not the WR10 but a WR10 as in you would have been better off playing a WR1/WR2/WR3/WR4/WR5/WR6/WR7/WR8/WR9 over him in those three weeks) is not what you expect from an auto-start-no-doubt player.