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  1. As someone who doesn't watch many Detroit games, is he? Granted he's been injured to end both seasons, but in the 18 games he's played he's averaging: - 58 rushing yards - 2.3 receptions - 18.9 receiving yards That's box score evaluation obviously, but if he puts up a season of those numbers that's: 928 rushing yards, 37 receptions, 302 receiving yards Which is fine for an RB3/Flex spot but you wouldn't be thrilled with that from your RB2, let alone RB1.
  2. His 5th-year option would be an average of the top-10 receivers in 2021, which currently would be ~$17M ( Rank PLAYER AVERAGE 1 Julio Jones $22,000,000 2 Michael Thomas $19,250,000 3 Tyreek Hill $18,000,000 4 Odell Beckham, Jr. $18,000,000 5 Mike Evans $16,500,000 6 DeAndre Hopkins $16,200,000 7 Brandin Cooks $16,200,000 8 Adam Thielen $16,050,000 9 Jarvis Landry $15,100,000 10 Davante Adams $14,500,000 AVERAGE $17,180,000 There's basically 0% chance that the team opts for that, unless he puts up Randy Moss 1st-year on the Patriots numbers. That said he's not a terrible dart throw in the later rounds for the reasons you mentioned.
  3. He's going to get drafted in the 12 - 18 range, which will either end up as a steal or a bomb next season. Personally, I'll pass on him in that range, but agree with JoeJoe that I'd take him before Bell/Devin/Gurley/Miles.
  4. It's an NCAA violation for the players to accept it, but it's technically not illegal for him to give it. No reason for a suspension unless Goodell claims that it's "conduct detrimental" to the integrity of the NFL.
  5. To be fair this has been true literally every year this decade, at a certain point you stop believing that they're going to do it.
  6. Agreed but it's exactly what worries me about Parker's ADP for next season. If he's falling in the early/mid 20's you're banking on him replicating this season's success with only a little room for upside. He's shown he undoubtedly has the talent for it, but when you're relying on what will be a 38-year old journeyman QB, your team being poor enough to be down every game, and the other previous leading WR on the team to not steal stats when he returns, it leads to a dangerous situation fantasy-wise. I loved Parker as a WW darling this year, and I hope he continues his success next year, but I doubt I'll be willing to pull the trigger before others on him next year.
  7. 1,000 yards on the season even with 2 missed games, where's this beast getting drafted next year?
  8. Some of the guys with 10,000+ posts give notoriously bad takes.
  9. There isn't a Saquon-level talent coming this year, but this is actually one of the deepest RB classes in years. It wouldn't surprise me if there were 5 starting RB's out of this class 2-3 years from now.
  10. 12 teamer, 2-keepers: QB - Brees (Picked up when he was injured) WR - Michael Thomas (Traded Fournette for him before the season started) WR - Devante Adams (Traded Thielen for him when Thielen was healthy and Adams was injured) RB - Zeke RB - Chubb (Keeper) TE - Kittle (Traded Derrick Henry for him Week 10) Flex - Kareem Hunt (Traded for in Week 2 and kept the rest of the season) K - Butker Def - Baltimore
  11. The bot will almost always bid +/-5% what the platform's "Projected Value" is for the player: They're generally built so that they build a full team, so in the future you can nominate $1 for a player who was just injured (Lamar Miller depending on when you drafted) or a player who generally isn't considered to be great but has a projected value >$1 (Sam Darnold, Mitchell Trubisky) to have their slots get filled up with crap. That said, agreed 100% with the previous posters, it stinks that he auto-drafted, but if you had a real problem with it you should have either: 1) Penalized him at the beginning of the season 2) Kicked him out of the league before the season started Trying to nullify it now is honestly so much worse than what he did, like another poster said, based on the actions that took place people would have been fine taking his money if he didn't make the finals. Put him on probation and let him know that if he auto-drafts again next season he'll be removed from the league.
  12. The same LAR that he went 8/8 for 103 yards at their stadium on? I think I'm okay with that for championship week. 6/71/1 13/134/0 5/79/1 Thanks for the championship George!!
  13. Don't want to derail the thread beyond this, but Michael Thomas should be on there, he's probably going to break the single-season reception record.