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  1. Yall can't be serious Lmao. He is that dude on this team. Easy WR1 and claypool deep threat to widen the field. Never forget, when healthy, Diontae Johnson is a stud.
  2. Even better with Dalton. Alot of screens short passes. Targets are here to stay. Could become a PPR monster over the next weeks... Set and forget....high floor, 8+pts and has massive upside 25+ with TD potential.
  3. Had he caught that, his line would look decent...
  4. Well, up 31-10 and less than 3 min to basically feed your main back for the remainder, especially the one that runs better. Pass catching back? yeah, bad game script and Edmonds owners expecting him to become the main back while Drake is healthy are going to be disappointed.
  5. Honestly, him and Kittle are first round level players. Top 12. For their position, output, can only draft a legit RB1 over him. He's more valuable than even Ridley this year imo.
  6. No it's Gaskin's backfield....Brieda and Howard only get the scraps
  7. Would've had a 20 burger if we notches a score...
  8. f--- He better make it up in the latter half of the season...6 weeks and he basically has 1 good week to show, 1 mediocre, and goose eggs for the rest.
  9. What does it mean by "Whole team will be grounded" ?
  10. He needs to have a legit 20+pt game this week
  11. Yeah ultimate buy-low. His numbers last 2 games are putrid and just leave a sour taste getting basically a donut from one of your slots. But he's a beast, so I'm with the ship.
  12. If he was really an elite RB, he would be starting on an NFL team