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  1. lol he was joking. He's playing on how the T'Wolves would resort to any excuse, even something as silly as cardio, to keep him out.
  2. This. And this. It's fantasy lol, when it's all within the rule, it ain't place nice it's play win
  3. I agree with this. I just pulled the loophole and added KAT and Malcolm Brogden. Also, to the OP, all of those guys will not be returning in a few weeks. They are out til next season.
  4. LMAO i literally picked him up right now from FA in another league
  5. You can say that about literally ANY guard with high usage. He's the best of em, so we roll on
  6. RIGHT?? Goddam this season has been crazy. I have Curry coming back and OPJ just got in, had to drop Monte Morris. You should def hold the Minny guys while KAT is out. They are giving both of them good burn. But real talks, I just want KAT back.
  7. Make that 4 people. I'm an owner by default since I own KAT. Had the pleasure of owning Gorgui Dieng and now Naz Reid. STUFF THE STOCKS BABY
  8. I was gonna ride him out for a few games on my IL, but cannot after last night.
  9. What are people even expecting? 18-8-2-2-1 in 30 mins or 6-2-0-0-0 in 15 mins