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  1. Activated and expected to play this week. With Dalton back at QB anyone stashing?
  2. Anyone rolling with Koo? I have Zane who has been solid but I’m scared against the niners.
  3. 14 yard TD run was reviewed and he was short, than punched it in from the 1.
  4. Need Golliday to not outscore the GB D by more then 13.
  5. Doubt it. They don’t have a legitimate #2 and needed someone. If anything this could help him if Jones produces.
  6. Probably slotting him in over Hilton unless I get some definitive news on Hilton before 3:00 on Sunday.
  7. Shamed to admit I know nothing about this guy. Is he a pocket passer or does he get out and run a little bit?
  8. Just got named a team captain. Not sure what that means.
  9. Thanks. So will rosters be locked after the draft since players have played? We have weekly roster locks at the start of the 1st game.
  10. Anyone know how ESPN will handle the A’s/Mariner players if the draft is after the Japan games? Will their stats count for players drafted towards week 1, or will they not?
  11. Looking ahead to next week. Who do you like? Mia @ Hou on Thursday or Pitt at home against Cle coming off a BYE?