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  1. Love this for Gordon. Brady ranks 27th in average intended air yards (deep balls). With Flash and some AB. He just doesn’t chuck it anymore. Russell Wilson ranks 4th. Big plays are coming. This move makes the Seahawks more dynamic ahead of some tough, high scoring matchups. Buy, buy, buy.
  2. Can’t believe Lat Murray got just two carries. NO management brought him in as a pounder to help keep Kamara healthy, especially at goal line, then Kamara punches it in at the 1 TD line. Murray a pure handcuff with no stand alone value at this point.
  3. I am a Silva fan. You cannot deny the effort and thought process he puts in. Some argue he has bias, but he frequently acknowledges his bias and measures he takes to actively combat his biases. Wanted this thread to focus on just naming the bad ones, but whatever. My favorite follows off the top of my head are Justin Boone, JJ Zachariason, Jeff Ratliffe and some of the old fantasy douche guys.
  4. Twitter is a valuable source of fantasy info for many, myself included. Given the current information overload era we are in, I do not want to waste time, brain space, or even “scroll-past” effort on any ‘perts that dole out largely bad advice, whether due to lack of research, effort, groupthink, bias, clickbait, etc. It’s not hard to discover them over time, since most offer good advice some of the time, but time is short and I want to win now. In the spirit of short cutting this filtering out process for the sake of members of this forum, if there are there any popular ‘pert twitter follows which, in your opinion, do more harm than good, please list them here, with evidence. I’ll go first: @MikeTagliereNFL stands out as consistently bad. He’s leads fantasy pros, but his predictions are...questionable, to put it lightly. Exhibit A: I intend no disrespect to the profession, but they are not immune to checks, balances, and constructive criticism.
  5. Dude needs money and he’s on a one-year prove it deal. He will play 16 games this year. Could be his last chance to get paid (next year) for real this time. Btw, the Patriots got him for a steal and again look like geniuses: Gordon is set to make $2.025 million on a 1-year contract with New England this season. The organization extended the tender back in March, which Gordon didn’t sign until now due to his suspension and absence from team activities. They took a gamble and tendered him last year AFTER he got suspended: In the early hours on the second day of free agency, Ben Violin of the Boston Globe reported that the Patriots tendered restricted free agent Josh Gordon, offering him the low restricted tender. Gordon had an up and down 2018 season which saw him steadily develop into one of the Patriots most reliable receiving options before stepping down to focus on his mental health. 39 people are talking about this Ballsy
  6. Sweet. Hey, did you hear Josh Gordon is back??😀
  7. This. Dude does have some demons, probably substance abuse / addiction being first and foremost, but he’s not an idiot. What sucks is that concussions cause an increase in impulsive behavior as well, and God only knows how many he’s had in his career. In just his first or second NE game, he absolutely laid out to try and make a catch on an underthrown ball in (or near?) the end zone, slammed his head into the ground and got up totally concussed. Vicious cycle. But anyway, here are all his catches as a Patriot:
  8. N'Keal Harry = Brady's new Josh Gordon? Hmmm...
  9. It was always one of my favorite threads here. Btw...we are kidding ourselves thinking Josh Gordon should be drafted again...or are we?😬
  10. Gotta go with your gut and avoid risk at #1. I had #1 a few years ago in 2016 and chose David Johnson over AP, Gurley and Zeke, all who were ranked ahead of him. Felt DJ was the safest at the time and he ended up finishing #1. I'm at #1 again this year and feel Saquon is safest. Too many bigger question marks with the other options right now.