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  1. Does Carpenter have anything left? I know he was dealing with injuries last season, but he's pretty much going undrafted, only owned in 14% of Yahoo leagues. I did read a blurb saying something about how hard he's worked on his approach this offseason, trying to hit less fly balls and swing at fewer pitches out of the zone. But injuries or not he was obviously brutal last season.
  2. Same here. Hopefully it won't be too long.
  3. Yahoo now his him ranked at 83. I highly doubt he'll fall that far in my upcoming draft but just trying to get an idea where some of you would feel comfortable taking him at?
  4. Same. It's almost become like a rite of passage for young SPs. You almost want them to hurry up and get it over with so they can move on and no longer have to worry about it.
  5. I'm buying this guy as well. He was money for me the first half of last season. I know he ran out of gas last year but his first half shows what he's capable of doing. I'm really surprised how high his ADP is. He's someone I'll definitely be targeting at the end of drafts.
  6. Not trying to hijack this thread but I'm assuming this the official strategy thread? So I'm just curious how long most people are waiting to take their first SP? I've always been someone who waits on pitching and it's driving me nuts this year that I have to take one so early. I've tried doing some mocks where I wait until the 4th or 5th rounds and I have to admit that I don't hate how it shapes up. It's a 10 team league so I've been able to snag Clevinger who I would have considered taking higher anyway if not for the injury. Then I've been able to bookend him with someone like Giolito, Paddack, etc. Anyway, just curious if anyone else is considering that strategy?
  7. I agree. You combine this with age and how deep into the season he pitched last year and I don't think he'll be on any of my teams. I have noticed him starting to slide just a little in mock drafts.
  8. Yahoo currently has Richards ranked at 238. I'll definitely be targeting him at the end of the draft. Could be a huge steal.
  9. The trade possibility has just about scared me off. I may regret passing him over but a midseason trade would not be good. Although I still see him going early in drafts so I guess it hasn't affected his ADP much. But he would have to really fall for me to get him, which he won't.
  10. Yep. Normally Arenado would be the safer pick but i’d rather have Ramirez than having to worry about Arenado being traded, which I think it’s a realistic possibility.
  11. Early reports say the new Rangers Ballpark will play more neutral than the old one, but I still think it will be hitter friendly. Right field is 326 down the line! Gallo was smiling after taking batting practice there, excited about the right field dimensions. Willie Calhoun had similar comments about the left field power alley. Still though, it probably won’t be the hitters paradise that it was in the past. The outfield won’t be as big, no jet stream and pitchers won’t be dealing with 150 degree temperatures like they were in the past. But early reactions indicate it will still be pretty HR friendly. I expect Gallo’s numbers to look pretty similar to last year. He’ll be swinging for the fences, aiming for the short right field wall.
  12. Over Story? I could see taking him over the rest but I can’t see a scenario where I’d take him over Story. Both statistically and because of how deep 3rd base is.
  13. Supposed to begin a throwing program tomorrow and could possibly be back by the beginning of May. I saw him go at pick 86 in a recent expert mock draft. He'd still have to fall further than that for me, but his prognosis is at least better than it was a month ago.
  14. How long was your Rugby friend sidelined?
  15. Hitters: Soto, Nelson Cruz, Bichette, Castellanos, Brantley, Mcneil, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. Pitchers: Clevinger, Berrios, Glasnow, Montas, Luzardo, Boyd, Taylor Rogers