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  1. Just joined and paid only question is why is there only 1 person other than me paid up on leaguesafe
  2. Use this invite link to join the server.. and ask for an invite to the fantasy channel
  3. I'm in 4 leagues already but none of them were roto, so I decided to make one. Hopefully we can fill up tonight, would love to draft today. payout structure 1st 600 2nd 400 3rd 200 The only settings I changed were the number of bench spots to 5, FAAB, and Roster Changes Daily - Today If you have any questions you can email me at or reply here
  4. id be willing to start this up if we can get 12 teams. the buy in would be $100+ , not too sure about other settings. If you're interested just reply to this post with your email so I can contact you. It might take a while but looking to get 12+ Current owners: 1/12