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  1. My NL Dynasty team, which features the Dodgers Will Smith and Cody Bellinger, is called The Fresh Prince of Bellinger. However, now that I have acquired Mookie Betts, as well, I might consider other options.
  2. Dahl gets injured, it's happened repeatedly.
  3. Bryant lumped in with Betts and Lindor as a trade candidate. Morosi Tweet
  4. I don't know about y'all, but I'm ready! The World Series is over...let the dominoes start falling! Where do Cole and Strasburg land? Will Betts or Lindor be traded? Enquiring minds want to know!
  5. Roto season isn't over, yet, but the fat lady has definitely sung! I've absolutely dominated this season in my NL-only dynasty. Currently sitting in 1st place in 8 of 11 categories with 66 of 77 possible points, and I'm 1 save or hold away from increasing that total. This will be a repeat championship for me and my 4th in 7 years in this league.
  6. Either way, only one start this week.
  7. Maybe next week. He is pitching Wednesday this week.
  8. The Dodgers are just ridiculously deep in the rotation and the field. Not so much in the pen, but I imagine several of these juggled starters will be used as bullpen weapons in the playoffs.
  9. Dodgers haven't had much need for closers in their blowout wins, lately.
  10. Dallas Keuchel coming off 6 shutout innings with 7 Ks against the Mets, last night, has a pending 2-start week against the Marlins and Mets. If people have cut bait, he might be a solid grab if you are chasing Wins/QS.