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  1. i guess you do not comprehend the per 36 stats, gotcha. Let me know when you are able to figure that out and we can resume this...
  2. 😂 i am quoting you facts. Look it up on basketballmonster yourself.
  3. like they were not gonna get it if he doesn't get shut down...
  4. Yeeaaah, good luck with that. He is the 410th ranked player in 8 cat leagues and 392nd Per 36 minutes. Last week when he started and got big minutes, he was 175. And that's what you can expect from him. Look at his per 36 numbers and they are pathetic. he just barely averages a single double then, let a lone a double double.
  5. No Rozier, against the T-wolves? He could have a Monster game today!
  6. No, there are always other options including smaller lineups, he's not looked at as a big minutes guy in Chicago, that's already been proven. I may pick him up myself, I just don't have high hopes at all.
  7. Yeah that's what I thought with the last bulls injury so picked him up and his minutes have been all over the place. No consistency. He's not gonna all the sudden play 35 minutes every night. Pretty much same story with this. Probably matchup based. One day 32 minutes, the next, 14.
  8. Finally some closure and a reason to drop his sorry a$$.
  9. Devonte' Graham??? anyone who dropped him should seek mental help immediately. He literally broke out the first day of the season and never looked back.
  10. KOQ is a great minute-man. He was the 10th ranked overall player 2 years ago per 36 minutes. The problem is he never plays 26, let alone 36 minutes...
  11. There's gonna be lots of KOQ blocking going on very soon...